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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi everyone. I am planning to do an endoscopy later this summer, just for peace of mind. I am still undiagnosed, and have been tested negative on the Ttg-IgA on three separate occasions over the past year and a half. At this point, I am not sure if it's even celiac anymore but just want to rule it out. I am usually anemic but my levels have been improving with iron supplement, my liver tests were fine and my thyroid levels have been quite stable for the last year (only a slight expected increase in dose) for me to really think there's anything going wrong with my absorption. However, I'm not sure if my gastro will be on board with this if my celiac test is not positive. Are there any studies or otherwise I can link to that would justify an endoscopy? I have intermittent diarrhea, acid reflux, fatigue, excessive muscle twitching, and peripheral neuropathy as my current symptoms currently. Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone! I did my second TTG-IgA test in 12 months, and it was overwhelmingly negative. Thyroid levels are going ok too, maybe a bit on the higher side but I am wary of increasing my dose due to an overmedication episode last year (when I was overmedicated, my FT4 was at 19 so am way too sensitive to even a slightly higher FT4 level). So the TTG-IgA came back negative, and my doctor told me it is an exceptionally sensitive blood test so I probably do not have celiac. A link to my results: http://imgur.com/hqkeLXM The TTG-IgA cost around $60 (but I ended up only having to pay $12 thanks to school insurance) but I am not sure if ordering other celiac tests would be worth it. Canadians: Is it possible to order the other tests without ordering the TTG-IgA again? Is it worth pushing for an endoscopy? I doubt it would provide any answers. I have had tarry black stool, so the doctor told me to do another stool test (that's about 4 in a year which is always fun to collect haha) but an August colonoscopy only revealed mild inflammation at the terminal ileum. I feel horrible but I've come to accept this IBS/SIBO/Hashi's existence at the moment. Joint pain, crippling anxiety, chronic diarrhea has been the name of the game for at least a year. I have given up wheat for a few weeks but I always come back to it, and even when I'm not eating wheat, I don't give too much thought to cross-contamination. I just feel so upset about all of this. The answers are not very simple, I'm afraid.
  3. It seems like most people I know with undiagnosed celiac are taking a thyroid dosage that is far too high for their body weight and/or have had wide fluctuations over the years and are unable to get a proper set dose. Just wondering what those with thyroid disease (that are on medication) have experienced.
  4. I just wanted to say that I really, really appreciate all your replies. Hi Colleen, I was not eating gluten-free at the time of my test. The doctor tested my IgA and Ttg-IgA levels before my colonoscopy in August. My gut issues started around March of last year. I was overmedicated on thyroid medication, which caused weight loss and diarrhea (yay wrong dose ._.). And then gut health has been downhill ever since. I did not start a gluten-free diet (mostly low FODMAP, which includes abstaining from wheat, because the dietitian recommended this ) after the negative test. At the time I didn't think I had a problem with my diet, just that eating a certain kind of bread was giving me a belly-ache which prompted the doctor to check my Ttg-IgA levels. He said that celiac is more common in people with hashimoto's - no one in my family has it however (my dad has a stomach related autoimmune disease called atrophic gastritis). I started low FODMAP only 3 weeks ago, getting tired of my loose stools/bloating/etc. situation. It has helped the bloating. I had toast yesterday on a whim, figuring it was ok to do since low FODMAP is mostly a guideline and you don't have to abstain completely. Then started having some weird symptoms that I didn't have, or didn't notice I had back when I was eating normally. I had a burger today I've regularly ate before starting low FODMAP and have had severe joint pain and fatigue all day. Slept and felt nauseated, a little feverish. Almost kind of classic IBD symptoms (more on that below)... so I don't know if I'm developing IBD, if my body is rejecting crappy food (hamburger I can understand, but regular toast, I'm not sure?). Would it make sense to react so badly to a certain food like wheat just because you have not been eating it for 3 weeks? Hi kareng. I had a colonoscopy because due to my symptoms (feverish, joint pain) the doctor suspected Crohn's, or another type of inflammatory bowel disease. They did not find anything that indicated that, just some inflammation at the end of my small intestine. The biopsy was labelled as "lymphoid hyperplasia" and "focal colitis" indicating that there was just inflammation there which definitely could be the cause of all of this. I'm trying to find more information about diet and lymphoid hyperplasia but have not found anything. No endoscopy.
  5. I think it's just because it just feels like its in my head seeing as I've eaten bread all my life, and ate it up to early last year. My gut problems started after I was overmedicated on thyroid medication. Colonoscopy just showed some inflammation etc but it was not significant. I had bad bacteria built up, and was medicated for that. And apparently, now I can't digest bread. I don't know if it's a temporary thing, if I have celiac/gluten intolerance, or something else. It's a bit frustrating. I always thought IBS resulted in digestive complaint such as bloating and diarrhea (which I do have) but I have all these "extra" symptoms that make no sense at all.
  6. Hi Kareng! Which foods specifically from above? If it's the cake and the bread, then yes! I've been low FODMAP except for those two foods over the last 3 weeks. I just don't know what to make of my reaction to them, considering that with IBS, I really shouldn't be :that: sensitive to cake and bread. I didn't have any gut issues per se, except for the brief belly ache, just all these other symptoms that I don't know what to make of.
  7. For everyone who knows my story, I've been in 'the realm of undiagnosis' for a while now. Many people have recommended that I go gluten-free due to my positive gene test and Hashimoto's, but I'm stubborn about a diagnosis. I recently went on a low FODMAP diet for my IBS (which is lactose-free, gluten-free, etc.) for 3 weeks. As I'm not a known celiac, I was not very strict about cross contamination but did not eat the usual bread, pasta, etc. I eat at university; opting for rice and gluten-free options. Yesterday, I decided to have regular toast for breakfast. I stayed at home all day to finish up my homework, and had rice/potatoes and fish fingers the rest of the day. Yesterday my eyes became very blurry; I couldn't focus on the TV or the clock and had to squint. I also felt manic, unable to concentrate. Towards the end of the day, I felt feverish and cold and had heart palpitations during the night. Today I woke up and felt like I was hit by a truck, and feel truly nauseated. I fell off the bandwagon a week ago when I decided to have regular cake on my mom's birthday as well. After eating, I had a noticeable belly ache on the mid-left side of my abdomen... this is the symptom that I had starting in the summer when I would eat seven-grain bread (and which prompted a Ttg-IgA test in August by my doctor, which was negative). Could this all be IBS? A placebo effect? I'm not sure how I feel so awful considering I have not even been gluten-free for all that long - or even "truly" gluten-free since I haven't been careful about cross contamination. Urgh. Time to pursue a full diagnosis? I'm not sure how open my doctor would be for doing an endoscopy if my blood panel was negative. I don't know if I should wait till I see my dad's doctor, who is much more open and did the Ttg-IgA test in the first place.
  8. Thanks for sharing! This is a great step forward. Ontario is one of the few (only?) Canadian provinces where celiac testing is not free. It costs around $125 for the full panel.
  9. I have tinnitus, and on/off vertigo as well. No real abnormality vestibular-system wise. I also have a corresponding neurological issue called "visual snow". This all started after I was overmedicated on T4 medication (for my thyroid). Early on during the year, a month or two after my overdose episode, I could not even handle alcohol (one sip would make me instantly dizzy). These days, I can have a drink or two without any 'adverse' effects.. adverse as in beyond you would normally expect from typical alcohol consumption lol. I am currently still eating gluten (not a dx celiac) but believe I am gluten-intolerant; trying to wean myself off it in the new year. I have been lactose intolerant since I was 12 and find that now, I get some sort of weird "ear inflammation" whenever I ingest dairy. This has never happened before. If I have a little bit of a dairy dessert, I will find that shortly after that I get 'popping' in my ear... I will swallow, and my ears will pop several times. This goes on for a while before subsiding. Anyone else have this?
  10. You can have wonky thyroid results if you have Celiac (and vice-versa)... sometimes you have an additional (thyroid) autoimmune disease, like Hashimoto's or Graves, and other times it's untreated Celiac causing problems elsewhere. I have Hashi's and had extreme symptoms very similar to yours (shortness of breath, memory loss, paresthesia, you name it!) and ended up in emergency a few times -- but I was on a thyroid medication dose that was not right for me. I hope you find some answers soon!
  11. If anything, at your next check-up, ask if your doctor can explain your results. I agree, these results can be very confusing to interpret. Best of luck! =)
  12. This is a reallllyyyyy old post but I thought I could revive it I'm not celiac, but trying to reach a diagnosis for what ever I do have. I live in Canada (southwestern Ontario) but my family background is Pakistani (my great-grandparents, along with that of many Pakistani families, were Indian). I grew up in the UAE, and travel there often. @Hardeep I think there is an overarching assumption that celiac is a "European" disease but I don't think that could be further from the truth. It's common in many places outside Europe, including South Asia.
  13. Having untreated celiac disease (or any other autoimmune disease) does increase your risk of infertility/miscarriage, so I would encourage you to get tested if you suspect it!
  14. Week 7

    Best of luck... i hope you get some answers soon and that symptoms improve on this diet..
  15. hahaha I am taking stats next semester, I should apply the knowledge I have learnt and get back to you!