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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. DH or dry skin?

    I think you're right. It isn't bilateral. And since I stopped scratching and put some thick aquaphor on it the bumps have gone down a bit. I have keratosis pilaris all the time - even since stopping gluten. Must be that lovely western weather.
  2. So I live in one of the dryest states in the country. Right now our humidity is probably 30%, and it's cold (16 degrees when I went to work today). My legs have been itchy from the dry weather and I noticed that next to one of my knees I have some little scabs on some of my itchy bumps. Probably from scratching. I put some lotion on my legs. Seems to help. I never had DH. My diet is very good. I'm sitting at a 3 TTG now, and I'm feeling good and doing really well. I guess I thought I should ask if these itchy bumps could be DH? I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and legs, and it does get itchy, so I'm inclined to think that's what it is. I went over 2 weeks without putting on lotion. Not smart. I included a picture. Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. She didnt say she did. My little guy ate a lot of rice and he didn't have any issues today either. It also could have been all the fiber. I added it all up and it was almost 30 grams, which is more than I'm used to eating in a sitting. Or I could have just had an "off" morning.
  4. I'm Spanish, and we made tamales. Again, with my aunt who has celiac and has had it for 20 years. I ate 3 tamales (masa is made of lard and the meat is an olive oil base with lots of chili powder), refried beans (more lard), Spanish rice , where the sauce was (lots of olive oil in that too), and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. I also ate pistachio pudding. I took lactaid for the dairy. But I added up all the fiber in that evening and it's like 26 grams. I never eat lard. Ever. But it had been so long and I love tamales. When I look at that list I guess it's no wonder my gut was a little icky today. That's a ton of fat.
  5. Does anyone know if Kroger brand tomato sauce is gluten free? I didn't buy any but I ate some last night at a family member's house. She also has Celiac so I assumed it was safe. But today my stomach is a little off. I don't know if that tomato sauce could have contained gluten. It didn't list wheat as an ingredient but it does list "natural flavors" as an ingredient. I went to their website and they blatantly explain that they won't disclose barley or rye in anything and that they recommend you call them. But they're only open Monday-Friday. I don't buy Kroger brand stuff because they don't sell it in my town, but I definitely won't now, since I think their customer service and labeling practices are pathetic. Has anyone else run into this with them, and do any of you have an answer for me?
  6. Hey guys! got my results back today. My TTG, IGA is now at a normal 3! It seems like it takes longer for those antibodies to drop as time goes on and as they get lower and lower. It was at 4 four months ago so I thought maybe it would be at 1 or 2, but I'll take 3
  7. First, you're not really "young" to be diagnosed. Most people are diagnosed when they're older but it isn't because they didn't have it when they were young. It's because until recently people were being told they have IBS and everything else under the sun before they were finally told they have Celiac. My 4 year old has it. His doctor said they're seeing it in younger people now more than ever because it's really easy to test for it. I'm 30 and I was diagnosed right after I turned 29. I was like you. My symptoms weren't that bad. But I know they would have gotten much worse over time. It terrified me that I had an autoimmune disorder. I have anxiety anyway, and once I knew that I had celiac I banned gluten from my life. I'm not exaggerating. I threw out Cosmetics, lotions, soaps, shampoo, everything. I don't allow it in my house. Sure, I could have said "Ah screw it" and kept eating it, but what it was doing to me internally was what mattered. It will destroy your body. It can cause you to develop other AI diseases - much more serious and debilitating ones than Celiac. It can cause cancer. It's not something to mess with. I know it's overwhelming. Believe me, we all do. It's a huge learning curve. But really, there's nothing I can't eat. I have learned to figure it out. I can look at a recipe and make it gluten free very easily. Want a burger? Gluten free bun. Pizza? Got that too. There are so many options and resources. Eating out is a trick and that's the one thing I do miss the convenience of, but I'm healthier than ever because I don't eat take-out all the time. You can go to websites like findmeglutenfree.com and find tons of restaurants that are reviewed by people with Celiac's disease. So, yeah, it's worth it. You have this. It isn't going away. And you can manage. You'll be fine. You'll be pissed off and overwhelmed and sad about it. But no sense in dwelling on the "poor me I can't have gluten" crap. You have an AI disorder that you have 100% control over. You don't eat gluten and you'll be ok. You're not like my sister who has lupus and never knows when she'll have a flare. You'll never be like my cousin who has RA and has to rely on medicines with nasty side effects just to function. But you keep eating gluten and you may end up like them because you'll be in store for another AI disorder. It's poison to your body. Get rid of it. It's worth it.
  8. Oh ok. So it seems like that makes sense for why my doctor only orders the TTG for me. It was the only test I had, but it was >100, and normal is 0-3 lol
  9. So, do they just test your DGP like they just test my TTG?
  10. The only test I have had done is the TTG because that's what I had done initially after taking matters into my own hands and going to my local health fair. Celiac is so common they do that screening at our health fair. My number was so high that my doctor didn't order other labs and went straight for a biopsy, which showed stage 3b damage. I've had my blood re-drawn (the TTG IGA) at 2 months and then at 9 months, and now. It's always just been that TTG IGA test. He hasn't ordered anything else, and has said it's not necessary for me to get the other panels done. I think that's probably because all he had at first was the TTG and he followed protocol by going for the biopsy since my number was so high. They didn't do the IGA deficiency test on me first, but Gemini said that if I were deficient my test would have been falsely negative, rather than >100. Plus my intestines showed blunting and hyperplasia, so that's how he confirmed his diagnosis. I am going to ask him why he doesn't order me the other tests though, out of curiosity. I know that the TTG tests mostly for intestinal damage and that's likely how he's monitoring my internal healing. He's always said that as long as I feel ok and my TTG is normal he isn't worried about me and said that we can just touch base annually unless symptoms arise. I've always wondered a bit about the DGP because I've never had it done, but Dr. Kim said it's not necessary to have that done (in my case). I'm sure he knows why, but I've never asked. I know others on here have suggested that I have that done, but since my doctor hasn't ordered it I haven't had it done. The results usually come back within a week so I should know something soon. I'll repost to let you guys know how it's going.
  11. Hi all! its been a little while since I've been on here because I've been feeling pretty ok. It seemed like around 11 months things started to feel consistently normal for me. I've been grateful. My gastroenterologist had me repeat my ttg in July and then again today. When I was diagnosed it was sky high (>100) and in July it was 4. At the lab 0-3 is negative and 4-10 is a weak positive. I'm really hoping and praying it's negative now. I have reason to hope, because I feel ok - and it's been 4 months since my last test. Is it expected that it'll be normal at 1 year? i know they always tell people to stick to their gluten filled diet until they're officially diagnosed, but I tell ya, I could have been off gluten for months and I still would have tested positive. Seems to take a while to get that number down. I'm trying to be patient with myself. I'm careful, I research, I ask questions, I cook for myself, I rarely eat out (unless it's at a reputable place for Celiacs), and I guess that's all I can do. Anyway, I'll keep you posted. Send me happy vibes 😊
  12. I have a weird question and I think I know the answer but I always come here with weird questions. I got my flu shot today, and I got my kids their shots too. Tonight my husband asked me if flu shots are gluten free. I never thought to ask the doctor and I assume that they are, but I didn't research it beforehand so I feel like I should ask. It's 11:15 pm so it's obviously too late to call the pharmacy.... **I'm not interested in hearing from people about their opinion about the flu shot, its safety, or effectiveness. I believe in the flu shot and that's a choice I made for my family. I just want to make sure we didn't glutify ourselves today.
  13. My church uses Rice Chex for communion, which I think is so sweet (and adorable). They do this because they're gluten free. That said, they don't hand them to us. They're in a silver dish and we go up and get our own. They serve donuts and things like that before church so I don't like grabbing out of the dish. Also, I'm a germaphobe. Also, I don't know if they use generic Chex and if those are safe. So, I bring 2 little rice Chex for my little guy (also Celiac) and myself. They're not in the dish with the others but I still think it's the same Jesus doesn't want me to get sick.
  14. Hi everyone! Im almost a year out from my diagnosis. Things seem to be going ok, but I wasn't super symptomatic when I was diagnosed (despite having stage 3b damage), so I don't know if I would feel terrible if I ate gluten. I'm obviously not willing to try it! I'm really diligent. When I was diagnosed I read tons of articles about how scary this can be if it goes untreated. I have no idea how long I had it before I knew. I was 29 when I was diagnosed. I was at stage 3b so I assume I'd had it for a while. when does the risk of adverse health issues lessen? I imagine that eventually those risks decrease, but I don't know when. I'm just curious. Finding out about my celiac really scared me. I wasn't afraid of my celiac, but I was afraid of what it had done to my body - or of what having an autoimmune disease means for me. Just wanted to hear your thoughts.