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Mrs. Dash Table Blend?

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If you can find that good link to DH information, I would love to see it.

I looked quite a bit yesterday, I'll keep looking. If it wasn't a direct mention, I was reading another article (via link) on a website that had a scrolling headline...and one article was on dh. I didn't save it because I wasn't on my computer/iPad...and now can't find it. Grrr.

The gist was tcell involvement? It sounded quite a bit like what you read when you read about gluten based neuro issues. They know there's "something" going on, but not what/how exactly.

I've read another article (probably 2 years ago) alluding to other involvement that keeps dh active. Probably along the same lines...but that was prior to all of the tcell stuff coming out, specifically re: neuro.

I wish I knew why some people struggled longer, and with worse breakouts. I am extremely fortunate - going gluten-free and low iodine ( for a period) put mine into remission. I do get breakouts but my antibodies must have fallen quickly, because the severity is so much less (and manageable).


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