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  1. That's really helpful thank you. I'm going to do do a home test kit shortly as I don't want to go through the biopsy test they do here, so will know soon. Thank you Thank you so much for your kindly answer 😊 I live in the UK and find it very hard getting the help needed here so I ...
  2. Thank you very much. I will be getting the help from a natural doctor as I’m in the UK and Don’t find mainstream medicine very clued up about this kind of thing here. Thank you for your help XX
  3. Thank you very much for that info, yes I am awaiting a test but was just looking for some reassurance in the meantime really and to you know if anybody else has similar symptoms. Thank you x
  4. Hi there, I am seeking your wisdom please with regards to headaches I’ve been getting for the last few years. They start with a visual migraine sometimes/sometimes not and are often followed by confusion I don’t know who I am or where I am and - very frightening, my neck looks and sometimes my vis...