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  1. laf2005laurie

    Gluten Free Pills

    I wrote another post questioning the active ingredient that is one of them- aspergilla niger Latin for black mold. Can...
  2. mmm. I didn't mention- last summer drama but your mention of magnesium citrate rang a bell... I drank 2 coffee ice...
  3. I had this--luckily i didn't know about xantham gum and didn't buy food that contained it for my first few months. Then...
  4. no longer eat prepared cereal after i had baffling reaction to General Mills gluten-free Chex just after it first came...
  5. Always appreciate your newsletters. I just received one however that sparked curiosity concerning a new digestive enzyme...
  6. Chalk me up as another person who has had a reaction to GM gluten-free Chex Cereal. I first tried cinnamon chex, but...