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  1. Mine is mainly rib cage pain, but now that I read yours I'm wondering if alot of my lower abdominal pain isn't gluten related....I've always assumed it was "monthly" related symptoms. I get alot of cramping and I assumed it was because I have endometrosis, but now I have to wonder. I got glutened...
  2. Yes, yes & yes.....that was one of my first symptoms that led me to the Dr. and then to a cardiologist. I was diagnosed with Veso Vegal Syncope about 6 months prior to being diagnosed with Celiac. Even now, I experience more heart related issues than GI issues when I get CC. I would lay on...
  3. Since I've been gluten free for 10 months I find that when I get glutened now my symptoms are worse than they were....guess I'm becoming more sensitive. My major sysmptoms (that last anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks) are: Diarrhea Heart Palpations (major symptom) anxiety hives brain fog moodiness...
  4. I know what you are going through. My main complaint when I was diagnosed was constipation. The dr. had me on Miralax, but it didn't always do the trick until 3-5 days later. I was miserable by then. My gynecologist told me about Magnesium. I now take 400mg 2x/day along with my probiotic, and...