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  1. For micro-exsposures (generally happens when I visit gluten-full friends) I get a rosacea flare up. My cheeks are bright, bright red. Full blown exposure (which only takes a few crumb) triggers a response after an hour or two. Gastrointestinal Distress. Cramps. Less pleasant stuff. That goes...
  2. There might be a correlation because I started having problems with tendinitis and bursitis around the same time I was diagnosed. I think the inflammation is what exasperates the problems. Accidental exposures and cumulative micro-exposures prolong the problems. Try adding more anti-inflammatory...
  3. As a Catholic who is fairly well-educated in her faith, let me explain. The bread must be made from wheat and the wine from grapes. This is because of the symbolism of the wheat grain and grapes are from clusters. It's a from many, one symbolism. We are unique, yet unified in God. We are separate...
  4. Thanks TexasJen. As a Catholic with Celiac Disorder, I was dismayed at the over-reaction to the Vatican's announcement. Unfortunately many Catholics are not educated in the faith and do not fully understand the dogma or symbolism behind the rituals. The Eucharist is about trasubstantiation and...
  5. Yes. You have to be 100% gluten abstinent when you have Celiac Disorder. It gets easier to be gluten abstinent, not because you get used to it but because of the negative effects that ingesting gluten causes when you accidentally eat something with gluten. Nothing tastes good enough to go through...
  6. Wheat/gluten will not bother a Celiac unless it's ingested. Wheat-free cosmetics/hair care products are necessary for people with wheat allergies--which is completely different from a Celiac problem. If you want to switch as a precaution, that's up to you, but I have been a gluten-abstinate...
  7. Wine will dehydrate you which will leave you with a headache. You might be having a hydration problem--which is easily fixed. Drink a glass of water between glasses of wine. Or drink a glass of water (or 2) after drinking wine. If that doesn't fix the headaches then look for another cause.