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  1. For micro-exsposures (generally happens when I visit gluten-full friends) I get a rosacea flare up. My cheeks are bright...
  2. There might be a correlation because I started having problems with tendinitis and bursitis around the same time I was...
  3. As a Catholic who is fairly well-educated in her faith, let me explain. The bread must be made from wheat and the wine...
  4. Thanks TexasJen. As a Catholic with Celiac Disorder, I was dismayed at the over-reaction to the Vatican's announcement...
  5. Yes. You have to be 100% gluten abstinent when you have Celiac Disorder. It gets easier to be gluten abstinent, not...
  6. kymbp

    Recommended body wash/shampoo/conditioner?

    Wheat/gluten will not bother a Celiac unless it's ingested. Wheat-free cosmetics/hair care products are necessary...
  7. kymbp


    Wine will dehydrate you which will leave you with a headache. You might be having a hydration problem--which is easily...
  8. kymbp

    Recurrent Nightmares

    My re-occurring nightmare is that I have forgotten myself and eaten something with gluten--usually cake--and I am awaiting...
  9. Is the child seeing a reputable gastroenterologist? Whether it Celiac or Chrohn's there should be a gastroenterologist...
  10. kymbp

    Apples, Really That Is Weird.

    Are you certain that your salad dressing was gluten free? It's a often-forgotten culprit.