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  1. I guess it depends on just how they interpret 'gluten free'. If they see it as a joke, and don't get that it can be a huge issue for some people, then, yes, that's a serious problem. On the other hand, if I can go there, have a bit of fun with it, and still get truly celiac-safe food (so, despite...
  2. Hi, everyone. I'm back from a 19 day vacation in Europe - Amsterdam and Lisbon - and thought I'd give you an update on my gluten-free experience, in case it's helpful to anyone. Amsterdam was great - with respect to being both "fun" and "gluten free"! The canals are so picturesque, and...
  3. TexasJen - It sounds like we're in similar situations. While I make every effort to avoid gluten in restaurants, I don't go nuts about it. When in doubt, I aim for salads, and try to be careful with the dressings. I will eat ice cream, but if I can't confirm it's gluten-free, then I stick with...
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, revenwoodglass! I'll look to see what's already posted, and will ask for advice there.
  5. Thanks for the replies, Ennis_TX and cyclinglady. Ennis_TX's comment about the antibody flareup is exactly what I was looking to understand. Obviously, regardless of whether I have symptoms or not, I don't want to be doing damage for an extended time just because I ate something with gluten...
  6. I'll be going on vacation to Europe for a few weeks in June, and there will likely be times that I can't avoid gluten - or at least can't confirm the food is gluten-free it in every case. There might even be a time when I really want to try something that may have gluten. I'm fortunate enough that...