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  1. This is how I feel when accidentally ingesting gluten, most from cross contamination or lack of awareness of its presence...
  2. Jssmith

    New to this and so so clueless!

    It WILL get easier as you begin to find some staples. Clearly, fruits, vegetables, and meat you have prepared are healthy...
  3. https://pillbox.nlm.nih.gov/pillimage/search.php This is the official website which lists all of the inactive ingredients...
  4. https://pillbox.nlm.nih.gov/pillimage/search_results.php?getimprint=&getingredient=Duexis&getshape=&getinactiveingredients...
  5. Jssmith

    Questionable Diagnosis

    I have been told that dairy should definitely be left out of diet after a celiac diagnosis. I do not know if this is...