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  1. I’ve never experienced this exact thing myself but when I was going through a period of time when I was still getting sick after my celiac diagnosis we looked at this sort of stuff but basically sorry if I’m wrong about anything. So if you are finding out it’s the meat thing some people have said ...
  2. Hi! I am 18 now and was diagnosed with celiac four years ago now. Celiac is very hard to deal with especially when you're first diagnosed with it, but know it gets easier! I also had a hard time dealing with anxiety and I know it's not easy at all. First step is to contact all your teachers and possibly...
  3. Hey y'all! So I just have a quick question, what do you Christian/Catholic celiacs do during communion? Since I've been diagnosed I've just haven't taken it but I was wondering if anyone had any alternatives? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi! I'm a littl younger than you but went through almost the exact same thing! 1) I got diagnosed in November of 2015 and was feeling better by July 2016, it took a little while but stick with it! I also found out I was allergic to oats even if they were gluten free, which isn't to terribly...
  5. I'm 17 and I've had it just over a year!
  6. Haha, I was just wondering for future reference, I just hadn't thought about it till now lol
  7. Yeah I'm 17 now so pretty young. Thank you so much for the help!
  8. So you really think that it would be fine to not worry about it? I just can't think of why they would have said that then! Sorry I really don't mean to sound stupid about this.
  9. Yeah I know its autoimmune and not an allergy I just said that accidentally bc I'm so used to saying that when trying to explain to people who don't have it!
  10. Hi guys! I was diagnosed with celiac about a year ago now and when I was first diagnosed my dietician told me that if I was to kiss anyone they would have to go gluten free for two weeks beforehand. Then I didn't really care but now I have my first boyfriend and we've been dating for awhile. I feel...