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  1. MissT

    Here is what I eat

    @ Tessa25 and lilo. Thanks a mil. I've ordered my coconuts, avocados, flax, chia and hemp seeds. Bought my sweet potatoes and going to get my bananas tomorrow. Looking forward to some weight gain💪
  2. @Estes, how did the iron supplements give you ulcer if I may ask?
  3. Woow. Thanks cyclinglady and Estes. Well at least I can go back on my tonic as I am still very weak.
  4. Hi there, I just noticed my iron supplement contains Iron Polymaltose. This is derived from both iron and Maltol. Maltol is obtained from roasted malt. ROASTED MALT 😨. Soooo a person goes to the doctors, is diagnosed with Celiac and as part of the treatment plan is prescribed an iron supplement that contains Maltol, an extract from malt, to help raise their iron levels? These doctors are killing us. Anyway please be careful and read all labelling carefully. I only noticed this myself as I kept getting bloating and skin rashes after taking my iron supplement only to find out it contains polymaltose a derivative of Maltol. Also I really had to go digging to find out how polymaltose is derived. I FINALLY stumbled, after much effort, across a site that says it comes from Maltol, which in turn comes from roasted malt. Talk about futher igniting the fire. Anyway here is the link that shows iron polymaltose is obtained from iron and maltol. info. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/548571_2 Here is the link showing Maltol is obtained from roasted malt. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maltol
  5. Hi there, I know this has been awhile but... Yes your blood tonic contains maltol. Iron polymaltose is obtained from both Iron and Maltol. Maltol is obtained from roasted malt. So yes avoid it.
  6. MissT

    Here is what I eat

    Thanks Matt, Ennis_Tx and Tessa25. I'll try and incorporate these changes. I used to eat fish, chicken and red meats but it came with killer periods. But I will try and incorporate them back into my diet and see how that goes. I'm also thinking my gut probably just needs a little more time to heal and then I'll start seeing some weight gain. But my diet as Matt and Ennis mentioned is a little out of balance as it does not include proteins and enough fat and I do need to get this from somewhere. So I'll try a little protein and fat with each meal for balance and see how that goes. I'll also be making my butters and adding in some supplements too. I just wish I could get my energy and a decent weight back as people stare at me when I go out as I look so unhealthy.😢
  7. MissT

    Here is what I eat

    Thanks cyclinglady and jmg for getting back. I have an intolerance to eggs, milk, nuts (I throw up if I eat eggs, I have severe stomach ache and diarrhea if I drink milk and eat nuts). Im staying off red meats because I have huge fibroids and the symptoms get worse when I eat red meat. Plus I tend to get protein in my urine when I eat meats. So I very rarely eat red meats maybe once or twice a week. I also cook my veggies with lots of oil. I thought most green veggies have more or less all the nutrients, vitamins are minerals we need. I do mostly kale, broccoli, spinach, sparsely and cilantro. And then I get my carbs from a nutritious source like potatoes. The only thing I can see that I may not be getting enough of is protein. Please is there anything that I am missing or not including? I'm thinking of drinking coconut milk and eating avocados daily too to see if that will help. Any other tips are welcome. I will read document 101 too. P.S. I also cannot do beans. I have Thalassaemia and beans cause a destruction of my red blood cells really fast.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new to the site. Can anyone shed some light on a.) why I am not gaining any weight? I'm 5'6 and weigh 90lbs and still loosing. This is what I eat in a day. 4 sweet potatoes with cooked veggies for breakfast. 4 sweet potatoes with cooked veggies for supper. Snacks a cucumber or an apple. Drinks: water. The potatoes and veggies are nutrient dense and the former aid weight gain. This has been my diet for about 3 weeks but I am still loosing weight and fast. I also keep getting crazy heart palpitations. What could I be doing wrong? b.) Does anyone know if Celiacs can consume potatoes? I heard Celiac's should avoid potatoes because they can feed the overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut but I find them so soothing to my stomach. c.) Also my haemoglobin is at 7.3. Range is 12-14. I have been taking iron tonic but I am getting chest pains and heart palpitations. I had a dream that something was applying a lot of pressure on my chest this night. Don't know if that was taking place in real life while I was asleep and then came up in my dream. Should I be concerned? I recently did a PET Scan of my heart and ultrasound and both results came back fine. So I don't know what's going on with the heart. d.) Lastly I am so weak despite going off gluten and playing it very safe with my foods as you can see from my diet above. What am I doing wrong? Should I go for drips? Is there a particular weight where I would need to be hospitalized? Your advise/tips on how to stop further weight loss and weakness would be welcome. Thank you.