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  1. MissT

    Here is what I eat

    @ Tessa25 and lilo. Thanks a mil. I've ordered my coconuts, avocados, flax, chia and hemp seeds. Bought my sweet potatoes and going to get my bananas tomorrow. Looking forward to some weight gain?
  2. @Estes, how did the iron supplements give you ulcer if I may ask?
  3. Woow. Thanks cyclinglady and Estes. Well at least I can go back on my tonic as I am still very weak.
  4. Hi there, I just noticed my iron supplement contains Iron Polymaltose. This is derived from both iron and Maltol. Maltol is obtained from roasted malt. ROASTED MALT ?. Soooo a person goes to the doctors, is diagnosed with Celiac and as part...
  5. Hi there, I know this has been awhile but... Yes your blood tonic contains maltol. Iron polymaltose is obtained from both Iron and Maltol. Maltol is obtained from roasted malt. So yes avoid it.
  6. MissT

    Here is what I eat

    Thanks Matt, Ennis_Tx and Tessa25. I'll try and incorporate these changes. I used to eat fish, chicken and red meats but it came with killer periods. But I will try and incorporate them back into my diet and see how that goes. I'm also thinking...
  7. MissT

    Here is what I eat

    Thanks cyclinglady and jmg for getting back. I have an intolerance to eggs, milk, nuts (I throw up if I eat eggs, I have severe stomach ache and diarrhea if I drink milk and eat nuts). Im staying off red meats because I have huge fibroids...
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new to the site. Can anyone shed some light on a.) why I am not gaining any weight? I'm 5'6 and weigh 90lbs and still loosing. This is what I eat in a day. 4 sweet potatoes with cooked veggies for breakfast. 4 sweet potatoes...