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  1. Brogrammer

    The more I'm "in," the worse it gets!

    @knitty kitty Hey, I wanted to inform you that you turned out to be right about coconut water. I drank some on an empty stomach because I felt dehydrated and had taken a long walk to the pharmacy in the morning... and damn did I feel terrible for the next 48 hours. Oddly, even though my metabolism is too fast to uh, fast, in the strict sense... I have had luck with like 90% fasting for about two days, sticking to bone broth and tea. I had not tried that in the past because of the fast metabolism, but it seems to be the only thing that helps me recover sooner than 3-7 days. Anyway, along with your coconut water prophecy, I do seem to have sensitivity to sugary things after a gluten episode... then it passes along with the other gluten symptoms. I have never been a big sugar consumer, but also never had a bad reaction to it until recently. I guess it's true that about two years of gluten since the first warning sign that I was sensitive to it, has really sent my guts into revenge mode. Well, I hope you're doing better now. It seems that I am, though the withdrawal symptoms have begun again. Better than messing up I suppose. The title of this thread is so on point as well, each accidental glutening seems to have worse consequences than the last. Here's to perfecting the diet.
  2. Brogrammer

    The Devil's Cousin Soy

    Damn, I'm sorry to hear that man. Thanks for the advice on butter substitutes. I feel like such an idiot for not reading the label of that one. It's a brand that makes a bunch of different ones... coconut spread, avocado spread, etc... and a mostly unflavored one. I was using the unflavored one. The coconut one does not have soy apparently, and that's the one I've been using the longest. So I assumed this other one that says on the top that it's dairy free, gluten free, blah blah blah... was also soy free. That's what I get for assuming. So coconut oil is good for eggs? That was actually a concern flavor wise that led me to looking for other things. I've used coconut oil for a long while in rice, sometimes in my coffee, etc... but not for eggs. Anyway, here's to hoping you get better from that last glutening... and I continue to get further away from mine and successfully ditch soy too.
  3. Well guys... I've done it again... I recently mentioned that after realizing I was gluten intolerant (now upgraded to Celiac) and starting to feel better after quitting for awhile... I started to go downhill again (not just withdrawal) and related it to certain foods I was eating that did not have gluten. The culprit turned out to be soy. So I eliminated that, or so I thought... Today I was using one of the non-dairy butter substitutes I normally use and I just had this bad intuition suddenly, even though I had been using it for many days back to back prior to this one. Sure enough, I checked the fine print to find what I did not previously look hard enough for apparently: CONTAINS SOY. So basically after discovering I was both a Celiac and soy intolerant... I proceeded to continue consuming plentiful soy for the past two weeks straight. I have been posting all over here and worrying like hell about why this particular gluten episode 10 days or so ago has not gone the usual way and subsided after 3 days. Now I know. Now I know, it's soy that I've been torturing my body and mind with the entire time I've been trying to recover from that last gluten mistake. This is so difficult. I am a young man climbing the career ladder. I just want to get my diet in order so I can focus outside myself on what I want to contribute to society.
  4. Brogrammer

    The more I'm "in," the worse it gets!

    Hmm... for some reason dairy seems okay for me. I actually used to avoid it because of sinus issues. After my last glutening, I started just eating rice, eggs, and stirring in some bone broth. That worked for awhile but then I got too constipated, so I took a laxative and started the liquid and yogurt diet just to let things clear up. I feel worlds better today. I have heard that though, about dairy being hard on the intestines. But it is also probiotic and settles the stomach. So I'm not sure what's going on with it but it seems to work for me. Anyway, I have to work this upcoming week but then I'm taking the first three weeks of August off to figure out this whole new health thing. One of the biggest problems is how this is new and I've had to face it all while also being at a high point stress in my work environment. Anyway, as for the vitamin drinks... some of my most consistent and strong symptoms with getting glutened and then having withdrawal are lightheadedness and mood swings. Before ever knowing I had Celiac, or perhaps before I even had it... I was told I had some occasional issues with electrolytes that were causing the lightheadedness and contributing to the mood swings... hence vitamin drinks to fix that. Thanks for all the advice... other than what I read here and try, I'm just relying on intuition right now. For example, this last round of constipation was not even from gluten but from eating too much lunchmeat probably too soon after getting gluten. I have also heard that meat is tough to digest and have definitely experienced that. Oh also... I think a big part of today working out for me was just eating far less. I cannot completely fast because I am very thin and my metabolism is super efficient, but I did benefit from cutting down on total intake.
  5. Brogrammer

    The more I'm "in," the worse it gets!

    Thank you! Indeed it does help. I read something yesterday also about carrots being a grand idea for recovery, I suppose this goes together. I get a lot of sunlight and I eat plenty of eggs, so that should be good for vitamin D until I can find a decent supplement or some of this cod liver oil. I'll up the carrot intake I suppose too. Right now though honestly, I am taking B12, drinking coconut water, and eating yogurt exclusively. Before that I was mostly eating bland things like rice and eggs, but that got me constipated, so definitely nevermind that for awhile... fixed it as soon as I quit and went for softer foods and a near liquid diet. I'm realizing now from a few screwups and recoveries, this being the worst so far... that what the OP said is very true. Not only that, it may be refreshing to realize that the whole "darkest hour is before the dawn" thing seems to be true of this recovery. I keep getting worse and worse and worse and then I'll have a few hours of amazing respite. So I feel like it happens in cycles and maybe the last purge of gluten is when your body is really freaking out. Let's just get through this already!
  6. Brogrammer

    The more I'm "in," the worse it gets!

    Well first I want to say, I seriously sympathize with the OP. Dh doesn't seem to be my "symptom of choice", but in fact the farther I go in and maybe occasionally screw up after longer and longer periods of time... the worse the next reaction is or next withdrawal is. This is so bad ugh hopefully we get through it soon. Now... regarding the post I quoted... do you know of a gluten free / soy free brand of Vitamin D? A I suppose too but I don't think from my research that I'm deficient in that one.
  7. Brogrammer

    I’m sick of this!!

    Hey I know exactly how you feel. I recently came down with this and have had to deal with making others understand it. Also, the whole thing of foods that don't actually contain gluten causing me some kind of reaction. I think once you've loaded up on gluten in your past to the point of having a situation arise that lets you know it's time to quit... your body is so beat up and weakened and then you make this major dietary change... so it's bound to cause kind of a chain reaction and a lot of things will at least temporarily be too hard on your stomach and immune system, many of which will be the common food allergens, aka things that are commonly hard on one's stomach and immune system. At this point I too am tempted to freak out, but I keep telling myself that most of it besides gluten is probably temporary. Do you consume a lot of soy? That's another one I think might linger for me, and if you read much, the overwhelming consensus is that it's lingering in everything and slowly destroying us all haha. That might be a good one to strictly avoid for a longer period of time. Anyway, best wishes on getting through this. We're in the early stages and yeah, it really sucks.
  8. Did anyone start having the celiac symptoms hit hard enough to realize what's going on after starting or stopping smoking? I was only a social smoker with gradually increasing frequency for a long while... then started buying my own packs. Never got psychologically addicted; I would smoke 3-6 of the American spirits a day unless I went to a party and chain smoked. The longest I ever sustained this for was 3 months straight. That three months was followed by two months of heavier than usual smoking for me, and then a month off smoking, so basically 4-5 months of a 6 month period I was a "smoker." I know, I know, any amount of cigarettes is bad. But I'm not sure if I should think there is a relationship here or not, between having transformed what I think was briefly from rare social smoker to smoker and then going back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway sorry for the long post here's the short version... basically I smoked steadily for 5 out of 6 months and then quit 5 months ago. I'm pretty sure that puts me in the way lower tier of "smokers". I had had a few episodes that I now look back on as probably gluten sensitivity over the past two years actually, but only about a month ago did it finally come to something I had to address, and did so by quitting gluten. Do you all think there is a relationship between the increased smoking, quitting 5 months ago, and realizing the Celiac 1 month ago? (Someone mentioned bowel stuff too... my initial symptoms were bloating and mood swings, but now it's as the other person said, kind of IBS like).
  9. Thanks for the info. After first realizing I was sensitive to gluten, celiac or not, I of course screwed up a few times, and some are detailed already on this site. But like I said, I felt back to what I knew as normal (which is me having eaten gluten products unwittingly until I ended up in the hospital and knew it was time to quit, and then lasting a few days to a week at a time successfully avoiding gluten). Now it's just scary because I am not back to normal and it has been 8 days since that sinister handful of the wrong granola sprinkled on my parfait. To think I almost spooned it off and threw it away, I feel so dumb for consciously not being as cautious as I sort of suspected I needed to be. The thing is, I had actually eaten that same parfait a few times since realizing gluten was a problem and being a bit ignorant of what all it's in... I would eat them because yogurt settles my stomach and fruit has good vitamins... they had not been a problem previously. So in other words, it seems that my sensitivity has sharply increased since my first realization that I should go gluten free. Based on my first round of tests and the symptoms I described to her, my doctor said that I in fact am not just gluten intolerant, but have Celiac disease. She also mentioned Crohn's (her research specialization) when she was being thorough and all that... but I looked at the FODMAPs and I still have been eating plenty of those with no trouble at all. So yeah sure, another round of tests after this recent glutening... but her expert suspicions confirm my non-expert ones... so I'm still going to be doing the gluten free thing, and also avoiding soy because I've observed that to also be something I've started reacting to. Other food allergens do not seem to be a problem... tree nuts and dairy are still part of my diet without issue. Haven't had shellfish in ages, don't particularly care to I guess but maybe one day I'll find out if that's okay or not. Anyway as I say in pretty much all my posts... I don't mind a few days, even weeks of sickness... my main concern is longer term troubles of a debilitating nature, or permanent consequences.
  10. So, at this point it's decided that I have Celiac, not even just intolerance. However, that doesn't change the fact that I keep screwing up, so I'm going to post here with the rookies. My streaks of successful gluten free diet were at first 3-4 days at a time, then I went a solid 11 days without screwing up. It has been 6 days since that last gluten attack. Anyway, in all past cases of getting glutened after I started attempting to go gluten free... I'd be back on track after 3 days reliably... like that was my body's perfect internal clock. This time though... I'm on day 6 right now and I'm still experiencing the symptoms. Of course it's a bit hard for me at this point to distinguish the reaction from the subsequent withdrawal that is to be expected... but I just know that after 3 days there tends to be a bit of a reprieve before I go into withdrawal, and there hasn't been yet. Is this normal or should I be worried I've done something worse than usual, or rather... something worse than usual has happened to me? In terms of the number of relapses, this is relapse #4. It has been about a month since I declared to myself my intention to ditch gluten, and I saw the doctor and confirmed my situation last week since my mistake provided that opportunity (I cannot imagine agreeing to gluten myself for the sake of science, it's too much suffering). Anyway, I got used to the 3 day rhythm, so I'm very concerned that this time I don't seem to be bouncing back. Thanks as usual, helpful people.
  11. Oh I suppose if it wasn't already implied, I should add my own testimony on the matter... In my case, the gluten intolerance symptoms showed up months before the candida like stuff, and in slow motion. I just started like, not doing too well with bagels, getting terrible stomach aches and bloating. Then over time add on a bunch of the other typical gluten intolerance symptoms and some to soy as well... Then the last soy episode and the recent gluten episode both had me getting some skin looking like candida. Before those, I twice got the more Dh looking rash. I still get that on my feet. Anyway, as I have to say in pretty much every post, ugh... what an annoying set of symptoms to have to reckon with each time I make a mistake.
  12. So... I'm not sure I have fully certified Candida, but the first few times since quitting gluten that I accidentally got glutened, I had some of the rash situation, and part of it was uh... down there. Anyway, last time it got very itchy and looked kind of sweaty, eww... and I came across the possibility that even a guy can get some yeast buildup down there especially from a compromised immune system, which gluten causes. Now, got glutened on Friday and in curious timing I have a white bump on my penis. Good thing the weekend is already over. I hope this thing goes away. I have read both that gluten screw ups that weaken the immune system can cause some kind of yeast built up, and that Candida can cause various temporary food sensitivities... So which more commonly (or always) comes first?
  13. Sorry to hear you're dealing with all that... I have a similar story with some different symptoms. So many doctors either don't know much about Celiac/gluten intolerance and are trying to keep up the authoritative facade, or just have their mental database of similar lists of symptoms with different labels. Despite my obvious and quick reactions to gluten and soy, for example... I've had doctors suppose I have an STD, accuse me of hypochondria and chuckle, tell me I'm just getting old, etc... With the whole gluten free thing being more popular and mainstream now, hopefully some of the medical school graduates of more recent times will make it their business to better understand Celiac, and food intolerances/allergies of various kinds. As you said, the symptoms are miserable, I think I would describe it in their terms as having the flu and a cold and bipolar disorder all at the same time, when I first had the reactions that alerted me to the possibility that I no longer tolerate gluten or soy. Anyway, best wishes to you getting through this bs. Hopefully karma is a thing and I mean, you were taking your husband out for his birthday... not drunkenly chomping on a slice of pizza by your own choices leading to impaired judgments. But even if that were the case, no one deserves to suffer these things.
  14. Oh and for the guys in here... especially maybe @Ennis_TX since we're about the same size.... What has this done to your mood and hormones? I figure those two things are related, and the former would hint at the latter since most of us don't bother getting a hormone test after every episode. Anyway I get very pronounced mood swings, and I just kinda feel like when I'm at the bottom part of the rollercoaster the masculinity has just been sucked out of me by the big bad crazy gluten succubus or something. Especially at night... but from what I know about stress, that could be cortisol rather than sex hormones.
  15. Screwed myself over with some bad bad granola. Darn. But my longest successful gluten free streak, coupled with eliminating soy for three days, did show me another glimpse of the bright future. Anyway, looking into good cures for gluten induced constipation. I've never had a problem with bowel movements, they all happened quickly and easily, until this gluten intolerance thing... and now constipation is a regular symptom I get. This time it seems like my pelvic/intestinal area hurts more rather than just feeling full. Again I hope there's no damage, I was hoping to catch this and learn to avoid it before something long term went wrong.