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  1. By a copy of the Wheat Belly Cookbook and have him read the introduction. Until you understand that what you are consuming is not wheat, but some mad science experiment where wheat was crossed with poisonous grasses and other things it is easy to wonder if all this noise about wheat is a fad or marketing gimmick. The book documents how this new poisonous substance is an inflammatory agent that produces all kinds of reactions, side effects, diseases and syndromes - as seen through the eyes of a medical practitioner who helped his patients who had all these issues. If he understands that "wheat" (the "staff of life" from the Bible) is not what he is eating it can help him make sense of it.
  2. 100% correlation. Horrendous nightmares. The only time I have nightmares is when I eat wheat. Worse, when I wake up my mind is bombed from terror and in a paranoid state. It's like being drugged. I learned to meditate to restore sanity. I will get out of bed and go sit in meditation - breath has the power to drain off all the insanity produced by wheat reactions. Sometimes it takes 2-3 hours to get my brain back to normal. This reaction has nothing at all to do with what's going on in my life. It has to do with my body's reaction to being poisoned.
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