Celiac.com 05/13/2014 - Overall, increased awareness of celiac disease and gluten intolerance has been a good thing, right?

Image: Wikimedia CommonsGenerally, more people are being diagnosed, and gluten-free food options are more numerous and more widely available than ever before.

However, all this awareness has succeeded in drawing a number of people into voluntary gluten-free dieting, often with mixed results.

Late night television host Jimmy Kimmel recently sent a camera crew out to a local exercise spot to ask people if they were following a gluten-free diet, and to find out if they actually knew what gluten was.

What he found was a bunch of supposedly gluten-free dieters, who were almost totally clueless about gluten, giving answers that would make most celiac patients cringe. He also got a few good laughs.

Check out the video:

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