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Testing 123. Food Intolerance And Nutrient Absorption

Posted by , 24 October 2012 · 1,987 views

For 8 months I have been gluten free. For 6 months I have been grain free. Shortly after I began the diet I began to seek after tests to optimize my healing.

I struggled with what tests to do. Who should do the tests? Would my insurance cover the tests? I had a huge deductible with the insurance company with the Health Account now gone.

However, I am finally ready. This Friday night I will stop my life saving supplements for 4 days. Next Monday night I tuck a cup in the bathroom. Take a sample during the night and refrigerate it. Finish more sample in the morning, mix them, and freeze for 3 hours. All of this without eating anything for breakfast. Then I take an 11/2 drive to the lab in rush hour traffic. There enough blood will be drawn to complete a nutrient absorption evaluation, and elisa food intolerance.

After that I will drag myself back to my car where a hot breakfast and supplements will be there to comfort me. Maybe I will race back?

I am looking forward to 4 days of not setting up supplements, not taking supplements, and not forgetting them. That is like a vacation.

I am scared. I don't know what life is like when one who was dying without the supplements stops taking them for 4 days. I hope I can cope with fasting and driving. But just incase if you live in the twin cities, MN you might want to stay off the roads that day. Actually, I can get someone here to drive me if I am feeling really low. :o

I need to heal, so I have as much energy as I can to care for my family.

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One full day without supplements. I am okay!
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Two days and I noticed some irratability and I am extra hungry.
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I made it through the testing! I realized when I got in the car that the tank was only 1/4 full. Then I got stuck in traffic. I was getting close to the place and eyeing my gas gage wearily. I just gotta stop for gas. I looked at the clock. It was already 9 and I was supposed to be there. It was then I made the decision to risk running out of gas. I reasoned that I could get there close to the time. Soon I would be within walking distance. Or I would get there very late if I ran out of gas. I figure if your going to be late, you may as well be late. I pulled up 10 minutes late and found the person occupied with something else. We got it done and at 10 am I began enjoying my egg and strawberry breakfast.

I can't wait to stop forgetting to take my supplements once again. I forgot them at breakfast and lunch, although I brought them along. I think I had symptoms from not taking them. This included frequent urination, mild dehydration, and head fog. It could have been worse.
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I am feeling so drained. I have a headache. I am thinking a few days without supplements caught up with me. Maybe I keep forgetting my good fats. I will be glad to get the results about nutrient absorption.
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I am thinking I might not be tolerating all of my supplements.
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I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. I guess she might have some of my test results. I am planning to bring cottom balls to stuff in my ears. If the results are negative, I lose credibility with my family. If the results are overwhelmingly positive (allergic to everything) whatever will I do?

I stopped taking my 3 supplements which have rice in them.
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Let us know how it turns out!
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I found out that I have no antibodies for eggs, pork, avocado, cucumber, and sardines. All other foods that I have been eating I had a problem with! I am working on my next post about a rotational diet: coming soon.
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My nutrient absorption test came back incredibly interesting. It came back with a high need for: pancreatic enzymes, probiotics, B vitamins, vitamin A and probably others. I had too much Taurine and have stopped taking my supplements for that. I found I had markers for mal absorption. The very most interesting thing so far was that I need so much more than the lab usually recommends.

I am quite impressed with my test. I am glad it pointed out some nutrients that I could use to help heal up. Genova lab did my test. They sent a report 9 pages long and I will receive a book to help me interpret my results in a few more days.
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I found out Thursday that I was also deficient in vitamin D. Oh, I thought, I look even more like a celiac then ever.
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