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A show on TV initiated a conversation tonight with my husband about apitherapy, or treatment with bee products. Without really realizing what it was called, I was already doing this. I didn't think about it at the time that I talked about my allergies, but last fall I started using local honey instead of buying it at the store. I can't say that my allergies are better because I'm gluten free or because of my use of local honey, but they're better. I'll take it.


This brings me to the next, and possibly crazy idea. Bee sting therapy. I don't know what is causing the pain in my leg, or that has now started in my arm. I don't know how long it'll be to a diagnosis. I don't know if it is AI or something else, if it is CRPS as I highly suspect then it is AI. Bee sting therapy is generally recommended for AI conditions, when at all. I'm desperate. Sure the doctor prescribed me something but I doubt that it will help significantly or that I will tolerate its few side effects well. (I try to remain hopeful though.)


I am also aware that bee venom is poison, which is why it is called venom. Duh. Most prescription meds are also poison (to some extent) and doctors are shoving those at me like they're going out of style. It simply becomes, as with a prescription, a matter of do the possible benefits outweigh the risks? I understand the death risk, and will ask my doctor to prescribe an epi pen should I choose to do this, regardless of the fact that I have not previously been allergic. (My mother carries an epi pen for bees and my brother is allergic, though not life-threateningly. No other relatives I have are allergic.) I know it will be uncomfortable, but I'm at the point where I am crying myself to sleep in pain despite my OTC pain relievers and my natural relief methods.


Has anyone else used this therapy for any reason? What sort of experiences did you have? I'm not wanting to walk into this blind, and it'll take a lot more research for me to do it, but I'm looking for what experiences anyone else may have had too. It also mentions on several of the sites I was reading that one of the effects is that it can sort of suppress the immune system, I was wondering how effective it could be as a therapy immediately if used for a glutening also. Since the problem is an out of whack immune system. (I know the idea is completely off the wall, but hey, what isn't at this point?)


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I never tried it, however; I have  a friend that has a book about it.  Some people believe it helps. I am not ready to go pet the bees in my beehive!


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My sister in law, who had severe MS, tried bee sting therapy on her legs, but alas it did not help at all and was quite painful.


I can't consider it because after I got stung once by a bee swarm (19 stings total!) I'm now highly allergic. My personal feeling is don't mess with bees. As you say, it's called venom for a reason.


There's no scientific basis for my opinion, by the way, just my hard-earned two cents. :)


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I think it's a fascinating idea. I've never personally been stung by anything, it

might have happened when I was too young to remember, but not in my memory

anyway. I would hesitate for me personally because I so rarely get glutened, and

when I do my symptoms are now quite manageable. I mean I'm miserable, but

I don't deal with the kind of pain you and some other people do. I'd say it warrants

a good hard look at least!


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I suppose at this point all I can do is connect with a local apitherapist and talk to my doctor about getting an epi-pen. I've talked to and read stories of true believers, and of absolute dissenters. People it has helped, and people who have tried it to no avail, even those who have tried it and had an unexpected allergic reaction although those were rare.


Seriously, what is the worst that could happen? I have an allergic reaction, spend an afternoon in the ER and have to start carrying an epi-pen with me which puts me better off than I am now walking around without one if I'm that allergic to bees. I could inflict all sorts of pain, and get no relief. What the hell is a little more pain at this point? Or it could help, without me ending up opiate dependent yet.


In the end, what are a significant number of modern medical breakthroughs? Good hard looks at old fold remedies to see how the work. This has been done for 1000s of years. There has got to be something to it right?


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    • So I've been glutened....
      That sounds like a plan JMG.  If things aren't working then make a change, hopefully a positive change.  It seems to me we have more noticeable symptoms sometimes after being gluten-free a while.  I made a mistake last night and ate some tuna canned in water.  It definitely wasn't boring.  I usually have more sense than to eat tuna canned in water but screwed up last night.  They canned  it in broth of some sort.  Ingredients say vegetable broth and soy.  Yuck, not good for me.  It sure tasted good though, just ouch.  I am not saying it had gluten in it, but it does have soy and some kind of unnamed veggie monsters.  So it could be soy, or carrots or some other disgusting vegetable that got me.   Not all celiacs have additional food intolerances beyond gluten, but some do.  My gut could testify to that.  Anyway, if you have bloating, cut out all carbs and sugar for starters.  And try peppermint tea or Altoids.  Over here we have something called Pepto Bismol that helps soothe gut pain and another neat thing called aspirin.  And gluten-free beer as needed.  
    • Gluten free apparently not helping entirely
      Jean, Maybe your boss can find you a job in the office for a while?  It's worth asking maybe? It's not easy being on constant travel with celiac disease but it can be done.  Your effort to find safe food is going to be harder than most but it is not impossible.  But if you can't manage it you should really think about getting a non-travel job.  Your boss may be willing to work with you on an office position, even if it's temporary.  That would give you some time to look for a local job and also eat a safer diet. It's really up to you to control your diet and make sure it is safe.  If you can't figure out how to  do that while traveling you owe it to yourself to figure a way out of the travel. Celiac disease isn't always fun and games.  Not always.   I hope you find a way to improve your circumstances.
    • Gluten Free baby food pouches?
      Anyone know of any baby food pouches that are gluten free?  We love to have them on the go for our kids (not just baby), but I have no idea which ones to get now!  We used to get Meijer brand and Plum.   Thanks!
    • gluten free, oat free, egg free breakfast ideas needed for 6 year old
      Thanks for everyone's suggestions!  I think I felt at a loss when we had to cut oats- we used to do cheerios and oatmeal regularly and now those are out.  She has a sensitivity to oats as well as wheat/barley/rye. 
    • So I've been glutened....
      The bloating has, if anything, got worse. It seems better when I'm lay down, when I stand it gets worse. Although the lymph swelling has gone down so maybe I'm through the worst. Hope so anyway... I never used to get a great deal of GI symptoms. Certainly not so serious as the other stuff. It's making me wonder if I just react differently now having been gluten-free for some time. I've noticed lot's of you saying that reactions seem to change over time. Of course its possible the other stuff was masking the GI things. I almost dont trust my memory of those times anymore because a whole chunk of my life seems to have been lived through a brain fog. Tomorrow I'm thinking of going away for a couple of days, maybe just taking some ultra simple food with me so I can try and settle my stomach by boring it into submission      
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