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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Elemental Diet To Heal A Leaky Gut

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At the moment I am in pretty tight situation, where I have developed allergies to all foods I have been eating, even while following a strict 4 day rotation diet. I assume I have a really severe case of leaky gut, which could explain why this is happening.


Working with my doc, I have just taken the Lactulose/Mannitol intestinal permeability test, and I am hoping the results will confirm that I do indeed have a very leaky gut.


Something I have been thinking about, is the usage of an elemental diet to enable the gut to heal, while avoiding possible allergens.


I came across this study, which documents how an elemental diet for six weeks, brought about marked improvements in intestinal permeability in all of the test patients. In fact, 7 out of the 14 patients had normal permeability range after the six weeks of elemental-diet treatment.


In light of this, I plan to discuss this approach with my doc and see what he thinks. It seems to me that this can be a viable approach to heal the gut, after-which new foods can be eaten without further allergies being developed.


An obvious downside to an elemental diet would be the cost, which is very high. Nevertheless, if this could work then it would be well worth it.




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Hello yes this is the normal way to go about healing the gut. I haven't done a full elemental diet as far as only vege juice and amino acids go but I have been following a basic version of the SCD diet and it's working for me. I'm taking a bulk ton of probiotics and I'm cheating a bit and taking Zytec to get my anti body levels down. I've actually dropped my IgE from 4100 to 1900 already so it's working very well so far. If you want to see what Mannitol does eat sweet potato only for a few days OMG it almost killed me.


Can't stress enough how important it is to master probiotics, grow them when and where ever you can. You want to do 1 or 2 litres of some kind of yogurt per day, it just sooths the gut lining so well, do soy if you cant tolerate dairy or do (anything) if you can't tolerate something, but do find something to grow them in.


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