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Has Anyone Had Diagnosed Dh That Resembles Acne On The Face/chest/back?

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Posted 30 May 2013 - 05:42 AM

I'm wondering because the primary symptom that first started me on my explorations of health, nutrition, the body, and holistic wellness was a sudden outbreak of acne at age 19 that increasingly got worse and worse and worse as time went on.


I distinctly remember the whole thing beginning with my face becoming extremely oily, far more than what would be considered normal for anyone at any age. Then I got one VERY, very painful "pimple" at the edge of my eyebrow toward my nose. From that, came another...then another...and so on...and then, at age 19, I suddenly had full-blown acne, though I'd had perfectly clear skin for my entire life before. Over the years, it became more and more cystic, and my face took on a constant red flush. My face was also constantly itchy. 


I'm wondering if this could be at all related to DH, particularly because most of the time these breakouts were along my hairline, and if bothered, never came to a head. Only HURT or seeped a clear liquid. And the spots that were not along my hairline were on my cheeks, and were symmetrical on both sides of my face. (When I would have two spots on the left cheek, there would generally be two spots on my right cheek, exactly mirrored.) 


No acne creams worked, cutting dairy didn't work...nothing worked, for years, until I stopped eating gluten at age 24. My skin, quite remarkably, stopped breaking out immediately, and now is completely healed. 


Has anyone else had a similar experience, and could it be DH related? I seem to remember reading somewhere that auto-immune related acne tends to take on symmetrical patterning. 

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 09:37 AM

There are many skin conditions related to celiac disease that resolve once gluten free. I can't answer your question as I never had an acne problem thankfully.

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Self diagnosed dh Sept. 2011~~~ confirmed dx July 18, 2012
Gluten free Dec. 2011
Soy free Dec. 2011
Hubs self diagnosed dh March 30, 2012
Hubs gluten free March 30, 2012

Summer 2013 We both have added back a little soy which is near unavoidable & we are doing okay with that small amount.




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Posted 31 May 2013 - 07:06 PM

Sorry, never had acne either.  My rash initially presented on my scalp and feet.  

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Misdiagnosed DH symptoms for 30 years in the form of blisters on shoulders, scalp, sole of foot and lower back.
Type II Diabetes 1995  /   Fatty liver biopsy 2001  ~ Diagnosed with NH Lymphoma in 2007 metastasized to bones & Stage IV by 2008 Chemotherapy in 2008 ~ Breakout of rash from scalp to sole of feet. February 28, 2012 until present
Iron deficiency anemia - July of 2012  /  
Osteoarthritis. September 2012  2012 Rash was diagnosed as Eczema, Grover's Disease, Folliculitis per biopsies of the lesions. September 2012   Started Dapsone and Gluten-Free diet on October 20, 2012 ~ Diag DH 2012.  Not taking Dapsone due to sulfa reaction.  Biopsy in July 2013 indicates Lupus but my doctors do not agree on cause of rash for various reasons.  





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Posted 29 July 2013 - 09:56 AM

I have actually, but I am extremely gluten sensitive now that I've been diagnosed and finally cut gluten out of my life. If I get cross-contamination at all now, we are talking huge patches of painful blisters and my face and entire scalp full of bleeding blisters. Up until the diagnosis I was getting what I thought was "strange acne" starting around my nose and mouth and sometimes my hairline. If I was stressed maybe my neck by my lymph glands. They hurt, they would ooze, they would NEVER heal. Within the first week of my gluten free diet they diminished with my scaly patches and the big blistery rashes I had. Now, they reappear every time I am exposed. After taking a closer look one day I realized they are actually more like isolated blisters than acne. I occasionally use a prescription antibiotic on my face. It has been helpful. (Accidental miracle :) )

I hope that helps a bit.
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