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Another Symptom I Didn't Know I Had

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Thanks Irish, I am not obsessed about anyone's health. I like to be diplomatic. But when I see this and know that six hundred something people have read the thread at this point I think about more than one person and offer caution where it is needed. If someone can show my comments to be incorrect I would carefully read any information they have.

You are responding to GEMINI's post....Not mine....  :)just so you know.




*****This post has been edited  after a PM conversation with Ksee for clarification.

Edited by IrishHeart

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I just re-read my post and it seems I did write protein where I meant to say fats. I apologize for the confusion. Please read the article I linked though, I took the time to type all that out because I was concerned. I have had friends who ended up in kidney failure because of the Adkins diet. I don't want that to happen to you. 

Ksee.....again, you misunderstand......where did you get the impression that I was following the Atkins diet?  The Atkins diet is a medical diet for those who are facing bypass surgery and need to drop weight FAST.  Somehow, it made it's way into mainstream America and people loved it because it does make you lose weight fast....but it's not the type of diet you can follow long term.  Only those who are seriously overweight should even consider it, not people who are suffering from Celiac Disease who are classic Celiacs like myself, the skinny malnourished kind.  I started to show signs of ketosis the week I hit the wall with celiac because I had no body fat left and was burning muscle.  It's a good thing I was able to figure it out because the doctor I went to see that week totally blew me off.  I was dying and she blew me off.  I was able to figure out the problem, ask for the blood work and be on my way to a solid diagnosis.


I made the comment that people who follow the Atkins diet, long term, very often develop really bad breath and smell like acetone, because of ketosis.  I never implied that people should follow the diet or that I myself follow the diet.  I do not think it a good idea to cut carbs from your diet, unless you have an intolerance to grains in general.  I certainly don't because I weight train. 


I hope that I have made things clearer for you.  I am not arguing either....just not quite sure where your posts were coming from.


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I had a friend who was diabetic and I could smell on his skin when he was heading for a fit. Freaked him out though.


I have very sensitive smell and hearing too, I wonder if there is a link.


I found mirror touch synesthesia helped to explain some of it, but I got that from a book and don't have links I'm afraid.


I don't mind smelling the flowers more, but train, plane and bus journeys can be a bit hairy with super sensitive smell. I lived on a main road, and the noise nearly drove me insane.


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What you described was my exact problem.  I was the skinny malnourished celiac.  Because I didn't know how to cut gluten the right way I dumped all my carbs with the wheat!  Whoops!  It was scary.  I know I'm all over this thread but these were the symptoms that freaked me out the worst.  So glad to have it corrected.


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    • Thanks, I'll check that out. I may have to apply for my own Medicare card in order to get any kind of coeliac-testing done beyond the screen (see above post.)  No, nobody has even mentioned it. I'm unsure if my doctor knows that I do not need to use my hands to vomit, or if she knows about the involuntary vomiting.  I have a part time job at McDonald's and make around $150 per week, which is how I afford to smoke. Mostly, I spend my money on (generally gluten-containing) binge food and cigarettes. I did attempt to start saving money, but then my shifts were cut at work - which meant I had more time to study, but no money, which was kind of pointless. It's complicated. Here in Australia, cigarettes are $25 per pack. These aren't fancy cigarettes either, just your run-of-the-mill Marlboro 20s. Thanks for caring. I am trying to stop I've had the vomiting thing all my life, way before I started smoking. And no, I'm not sure. I know he had an endoscopy and the flattened villi, but I'm not sure if he got a blood test - I assume he would have done, don;t know if it was the full panel. Supposedly he has this FODMAP thing, which I'll admit that I know next to nothing about. Interestingly, people who have to follow low-FODMAP or no-FODMAP diets can't eat gluten either, so there's that. 
    • Would a coeliac screen be the same as a test for antibodies, then? I have no idea why it was even included in my list of tests. It could be my brother, or my symptoms, or both - regardless, I can't say I know too much about the testing.  It's possible that my brother has coeliac disease, I really do worry about it sometimes. He was told to follow a strict low-FODMAP diet by his doctor, and eventually my parents stopped caring. Occasionally they will remind him not to eat things like pasta, greasy foods, etc. because of his condition, but by and large they don't care. He basically just eats whatever he wants. I'm not sure if it affects him or not. However, he isn't shorter than other family members - my dad is 183cm, and my brother is 178cm at the age of 14. Our mother is 173cm.  I do think I have bad digestion, yes. I get gassy and very bloated often, as well as constipated phases (and then following that, diarrhea phases.)  I have tried to ask my mum to call the doctor to get the tests done, but I'm hesitant to mention anything to do with gluten as I know they won't believe me, solely because a good friend of mine has celiac disease. I know they'll think I'm doing it for attention, or to be trendy, when in actual fact I'm just tired of being sick and having no explanation for it other than diet. I'm positive it's not dairy, as I was vegan for a couple of months at one stage. When I went back to eating animal products, I had no issues whatsoever. 
    • He had the IgG ELISA done as well as other blood panels, fecal and saliva tests. He is on an elimination diet right now where foods that score above 0.2 are eliminated for 2-6 months depending on the score, then added back slowly after the detox period.  I am aware that there is a lot of controversy over the IgG, and I'm not here to go into that issue, but I can say with certainty that eliminating the additional foods he reacted to has seen a huge reduction in the symptoms that persisted after cutting gluten and dairy. We will be attempting to add rice back in around October, and see how he does but until then I still need a solution for a baking mix.  I tried to wing it a bit with pumpkin bread today and my attempt was okay but not great. The loaf sank a bit and was overly chewy.  So, to my original
    • Ask the doctor's office!  But usually you can eat right after if you feel like it.  But ask them!  Some of them will try to give you crackers, so you may want to bring some gluten-free applesauce or Rice Chex
    • I'm wondering if he doesn't have an oat problem. He was only dx'd several months ago and really shouldn't use oats for a year after dx. Just thinking out loud. I too am wondering how the rice was picked out of all those other flours to be determined to be affecting him.
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