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Another Symptom I Didn't Know I Had

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Thanks Irish, I am not obsessed about anyone's health. I like to be diplomatic. But when I see this and know that six hundred something people have read the thread at this point I think about more than one person and offer caution where it is needed. If someone can show my comments to be incorrect I would carefully read any information they have.

You are responding to GEMINI's post....Not mine....  :)just so you know.




*****This post has been edited  after a PM conversation with Ksee for clarification.

Edited by IrishHeart

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I just re-read my post and it seems I did write protein where I meant to say fats. I apologize for the confusion. Please read the article I linked though, I took the time to type all that out because I was concerned. I have had friends who ended up in kidney failure because of the Adkins diet. I don't want that to happen to you. 

Ksee.....again, you misunderstand......where did you get the impression that I was following the Atkins diet?  The Atkins diet is a medical diet for those who are facing bypass surgery and need to drop weight FAST.  Somehow, it made it's way into mainstream America and people loved it because it does make you lose weight fast....but it's not the type of diet you can follow long term.  Only those who are seriously overweight should even consider it, not people who are suffering from Celiac Disease who are classic Celiacs like myself, the skinny malnourished kind.  I started to show signs of ketosis the week I hit the wall with celiac because I had no body fat left and was burning muscle.  It's a good thing I was able to figure it out because the doctor I went to see that week totally blew me off.  I was dying and she blew me off.  I was able to figure out the problem, ask for the blood work and be on my way to a solid diagnosis.


I made the comment that people who follow the Atkins diet, long term, very often develop really bad breath and smell like acetone, because of ketosis.  I never implied that people should follow the diet or that I myself follow the diet.  I do not think it a good idea to cut carbs from your diet, unless you have an intolerance to grains in general.  I certainly don't because I weight train. 


I hope that I have made things clearer for you.  I am not arguing either....just not quite sure where your posts were coming from.


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I had a friend who was diabetic and I could smell on his skin when he was heading for a fit. Freaked him out though.


I have very sensitive smell and hearing too, I wonder if there is a link.


I found mirror touch synesthesia helped to explain some of it, but I got that from a book and don't have links I'm afraid.


I don't mind smelling the flowers more, but train, plane and bus journeys can be a bit hairy with super sensitive smell. I lived on a main road, and the noise nearly drove me insane.


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What you described was my exact problem.  I was the skinny malnourished celiac.  Because I didn't know how to cut gluten the right way I dumped all my carbs with the wheat!  Whoops!  It was scary.  I know I'm all over this thread but these were the symptoms that freaked me out the worst.  So glad to have it corrected.


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    • No I'm in the UK, from what I've been told that's a good thing for gluten labeling and standards compliance. What you and everyone else on here says makes me sense than what the doctors are saying (a confused message at best is what they're giving me, each one with a slightly different version of it). My referral letter is in the post so on theory appointment may not be that far away. I have a load of my favourite Quorn stuff (non-gluten-free version) in the freezer so perhaps using that up may be a good way to proceed for now. I'm out at the moment and torn whether to try chips from a café, in the strict gluten-free future would probably be a no-no but in current situation probably not so bad...
    • I also only really eat one meal a day and always after I get home. I never really feel hungrey. I call it 'Pavlov's dog in reverse'.  I think it comes from so many years of food making me sick. I have gotten to the point where I now at least can eat a sandwhich and some fruit during the day but it wasn't a quick process. When folks get like that it is very important to make sure that one meal has a good amount of both calories and nutrtion.  If your diet is how you describe you are starving yourself.  You need to get yourself used to eating again.  What helped me was carrying a baggie with some nuts and dry fruit with maybe even a handful of gluten free pretzels and always some chocolate baking chips. I just ate couple pieces when I thought of it throughout the day. A little bit of cheese and a couple safe crackers, a piece of fruit or a small tin or individual serving snack pack are also good. You need to get some nutrition during the day so you can feel up to cooking a simple full meal  for dinner. I hope your feeling better soon.
    • Ok, I can't seem to find my first lot of blood tests that were done for Celiac screening, they did include TTG I remember that much, and I am getting another copy of it but another test did come in today.  I don't know how different tests are done around the world and I don't get all the medical jargon but this is what it states, ******************************************************************************* HLA DR/DQ Genotyping for Coeliac Disease, Specimen type : EDTA blood Method : Detection of sequence-specific oligonucleotides (Gen-Probe). HLA-DR - 1, 13          DRB1 - 01, 13 HLA-DQ - 5,6        HLA-DQA1 - 5,6      HLA-DB1 - 05, 06 Interpretation : No genotype susceptibility for coeliac disease.  The DQ2 and DQ8 antigens associated with increased risk of coeliac disease were not identified in this patient.  In the absence of these antigens, coeliac disease is extremely unlikely.   *******************************************************************************   I have read the horror stories of blood tests and scope biopsies not be done right or flawed but here is what I do know as of now, At the moment the most non invasive test I can have done say negative.  I have double scopes (endoscopy and colonoscopy) booked for the 12th of October with results from biopsies expected a week or two after. Chances are they will show, a) signs of coeliac disease (even if the odds are low it can still happen), b) show signs of something else entirely and we will be busy dealing with the ramifications of that or c) it will show no signs of coeliac but I will still be suffering from gluten sensitivity (which is harder/impossible to measure clinically). My GP has told me that stress and anxiety can be a cause of all the symptoms I have been experiencing and suggests if the scopes show nothing that I may benefit from something to treat anxiety, i.e. antidepressants.  Not in a, "Oh we don't know what it is so have these," kind of way, he agrees with the thought that the scopes could indeed show coeliac, something else or even be negative. I did tell him that I could have a sensitivity and that even without benefit of clinical results, some people have gone on a gluten elimination diet for a period of time to see if they get any relief.  My question is this, if the scopes come up negative and I try eliminating gluten, how long would it be before I saw any results or improvements?  I have read enough here and elsewhere to know that everybody is different, some see results within days, some see results longer but are there any guidelines for how long a test like this should be undertaken for?  I have heard everything thing from two weeks to two months.  All of this is entirely moot at this point but I know that even if the results said clear, there would always be a little part of me that wonders if it could be a sensitivity that is the problem.  Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated, and a thank you to all those who have taken the time to respond and offer advice and encouragement so far.        
    • We don't delete accounts but can delete any personal information and change your screen name if you would like. Just send me a personal message with three possible screen names. For the record you can edit most things in your account area with the exception of your screen name.
    • Thanks I never heard of that dye before, I guess I have to find more natural meat thanks for the suggestion. 
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