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I Need A Gluten Free Hug!

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Somehow, somewhere, I cc'd myself or something this past weekend.

My home is gluten free, my kids are gluten free, even my dog is gluten free. I bought myself a mini BBQ so I can enjoy hanging out with friends and family, which I used, and loved. I nearly- neurotically prepared everything from scratch for our outings this weekend, in my gluten-free kitchen, brought my own utensils everywhere, you name it, I think I covered it!

Obviously I missed something, and I know these things are bound to happen, but the sense of defeat after all the extra effort feels pretty epic tonight! I don't love whining, but getting glutened sucks!

-rant complete- ;)


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I need a gluten-free hug for a different reason but I totally sympathize with yours.  (((((HUGS)))))


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(((((((HUG))))))))  poor baby!  everything's gonna be ok..


my first camping trip i agonized and sterilized and brought everything but the kitchen sink!  still got glutened.


my first trip to my old home town in nj - we agonized and sterilized and on the last day, my husband says 'why are you rubbing your head?  do you have a headache?  - yup, got glutened - i even figured it out that i did it to myself (chose the wrong pan to broil shrimp - one of those ceramic coated broiler pans at my bff's house.  rookie mistake!!)  good thing we were going home the next day.  i popped half a xanax and mercifully slept for the 12 hour ride.  


feel better - you are not alone!  ((((((extra hugs))))))


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(((((Hug)))))) for MamaTrois!


(((((Hug)))))) for FireFairy!


along with a (((((Hug)))))) for NotMe!


and a spare for anyone that hops in ((((((HUG)))))))


boy I feel so much better after all those


Happy Almost 4th of July :)


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Thanks for the love, everyone! :)

((((((HUGS)))))) to you all as well!!


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    • I think the gene tests are accurate.  Not sure if thier interpretation of them is.   If you actually think have Celiac, you need to know that.  You  need to know how careful you must be.  You need a diagnosis to get gluten-free food in hospitals or nursing homes (if you can find one that does gluten-free food).  Because thsese "stool tests" are not medically accepted, it is unlikely that a real medical facility will consider you to have Celiac.
    • Why would your doctor order an endoscopy and check for celiac disease, but not order a celiac panel?  Had you been gluten free already?  
    • Thanks cyclinglady ... just wondering, do most of the people on this forum believe the Enterolab stool / gene testing to be non-trustworthy? Or are you just recommending a diagnosis from my MD so that she is also treating me with full belief/knowledge of my condition? I've been gluten free now for 2 weeks - by the time I get in to my doctor, she orders the bloodwork and I get to a lab it could be another 2 weeks before the bloodwork is done. From what I understand, just a month of gluten free eating could skew the results of the blood test. Supposedly, the stool tests are much more accurate. I hate to go backwards and start eating gluten again just so I can have a blood test done that may or may not substantiate the results of the stool / gene testing. I'm so confused ...
    • Try to stick to a whole foods diet.  Things like unseasoned stew, soup, etc.  Things easy-to digest, preferably not processed by a anyone except you.  Too often new celiacs start using gluten-free foods (cookies, bread, crackers).  Your body is not used to these grains and they often contain lots of junk.  For example, I react to Xantham gum.  It does not bother my gluten-free hubby, but it gets me every single time!   Did you read our Newbie 101 thread under "Coping"?   It contains lots of valuable tips.  Make sure those meds are gluten free.  Supplements too.   I hope you feel better soon!    
    • Here are the actual tests. Insist on the complete panel.  Let them know (your doctor) that your father had celiac disease.   Document in writing!  If you have celiac disease, your life can be improved.  All the things I attributed to aging were actually related to celiac disease.  It is never too late to feel well!  I am in my 50's but my Aunt iis 81.  We celebrate a Gluten free Thanksgiving every year!   Oh, my kid does not have celiac disease, but she is tested every few years even though she is symptom free!  There are silent celiacs.  My symptom?  Anemia.  No tummy issues.   Please advocate for your health.  Keep all records.  Doctors can not ignore written facts and requests.    
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