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Unable To Cry

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Posted 16 August 2013 - 05:42 PM

I don't recall saying that Diana had Sjogren's but gave her the information she needed to decide what she should do.  If you don't have dry mouth, then it's highly unlikely that it's Sjogren's.  There is a known reason for the disease.....it's autoimmune and if you go long enough with undiagnosed Celiac, your autoimmune system never calms down and you start to develop other AI problems.  The root of all disease is inflammation and that's how the AI system runs out of control, along with certain genetic factors.


I don't know of any imbalances that cause reduced tear production.  Some medications cause dry eye but when you are being assessed for Sjogen's, they do not test for other issues as you mentioned. In all the research I have done for it, I never came across any issues that would cause it, other than autoimmune in nature. Sjogren's dry eye is much more severe than run of the mill dryness. You also will have dry mouth, which is just as severe.  I knew I had it before I was tested.  I just let the doctor do the blood work to humor her.  They like to have it on paper.   ^_^   With Sjogren's, you will also have dental problems...major dental problems.

Dental problems, check.

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 07:00 AM

LMFAO I feel like crap dunno if its just terrible allergies or if this is what its like to get gluttened but i had to miss out on fun and because I don't wanna make myself worse *which is so freakin hard when it's so much more fun to play than take care of yourself* and your replies made my day so far! Btw I might be onna those rare women who doesn't wanna be fixed and doesn't think it's sweet when someone tries to... id rather crawl in a corner alone n either die or get better (which just so happens to be what im doing now lol) but a good laugh when I don't expect it is truly priceless...

On topic though, I don't cry like most folk let alone women folk n y'all make me very uncomfortable when ya start doin all that cuz I don't know what to do with you or how to help you and at these times it seems apparent that y'all have no idea either... I cry at movies sometimes, like my eyes get watery and my nose gets stuffy/runny but I've only cried a few good times the past few years and its usually more than a slightly delayed reaction... I think I've gotten so used to dealing with "life" that I know when things are happening and i feel like breaking down that i still need to keep pushing thru it. I can see how I should have cried lotsa times and maybe should even cry recollecting it but it is what it is and I've done what I could do. It's not that I'm numb and don't have emotions n feelings n whatnot all that Im just not a crier unless I'm fighting the reality of something and finally hit a breaking point but I *try*not to fight my feelings... Or reality lol

Btw If I hit myself in the thumb with a hammer i don't end up crying I just end up hurting the rest of my hand hitting something I shouldn't (or whatever the hammer flies into)... Cursing but no crying...
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