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Test Results Do I Have Celiac Or Not?

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Hi everyone, I'm really hoping you can help me I got the results back but I don't go to the doctor until Nov 7 and I would like to know if I have this or not so I can get my self prepared. Here's my test results....

Wheat IgG. .53 .3 to 1.5

Wheat IgA .66. .1 to 1.2

Wheat germ agglutinin IgG .69. .4-1.3

Wheat germ agglutinin IgA. .42. .2-1.1

Native & deamidated gliadin 33 IgG .61 .2-1.2

Native & deamidated gliadin 33 IgA. . .40 1-1.1

Alpha gliadin 17- mer IgG .63 .1-1.5

Alpha gliadin 17- mer IgA. .66 .1-1.1

Gemma gliadin 15- mer IgG 1.05 .5-1.5

Gemma gliadin 15-mer IgA. .41 .1-1.0

Omega gliadin 17-mer IgG ( equivocal) 1.05 .3-1.2

Omega gliadin 17-mer IgA. .51 .1-1.2

Glutenin 21-mer IgG. .39 .1-1.5

Glutenin 21-mer IgA. .54 ..1-1.3

Gluteomorphin + prodynorphin IgG. .57 .3-1.2

Gluteomorphin + prodynorphin IgA 1.22 .1-1.2

Gliadin-transglutaminase complex IgG. .56 .3-1.4

Gliadin-transglutaminase complex IgA .81 .2-1.5

Transglutaminase -2 IgG 1.05 .3-1.6

Transglutaminase -2 IgA. .73 .1-1.6

Transglutaminase -3 IgG .80 .2-1.6

Transglutaminase -3 IgA. (Equivocal) 1.24 .1-1.5

Transglutaminase -6 IgG 1.5 .2-1.5

Transglutaminase -6 IgA. .96 .1-1.5

If any body could help that would be great. I'm just trying to get better. Thank you.


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Wow, I have not seen lab results reported like that.

Hopefully someone will be along soon who can explain them. 

Good luck with everything!


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I have never seen a list like this...what type of doctor ordered the panel?

FWIW...all your results look to be within the normal ranges specified.

Good luck to you :)


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Those are a lot of extra tests if you are looking for Celiac Disease.  I hope you didn't have to pay for them all!  Or else they are for something else?  I would call the doctor and ask them now.


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Thanks everybody! I'm not sure what these test are for maybe just sensitive to gluten. Hope to fir urge this out soon.


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    • Already had that looking on experience and in the end had to leave the room as it was unbearable just sitting there with people laughing at me not being able to eat, yup people are cruel and really show their colours at times like this. Tbh based on the reactions I've had from people my age so far the kissing thing will be irrelevant as no one will stick around to get that far. Since the diagnosis whenever the gluten stuff has come up I've been belittled and made the butt of jokes. Then even people who previously were OK with it started jumping on the bandwagon too. Seems like the alternative to the "bad ones" is no one, which is even worse @GFinDC it's the time thing that's really getting me down right now. Feel like I've lost out so much already and the thought of losing another year or two to this is driving me crazy, especially when I see others my age making the most of their lives and I know with this I can't do the same.  I'm exactly one of those people you described, never been interested in cooking and vegetarian too which rules out this paleo diet everyone seems to use as gut healing. Just adds to the feeling of being lost in all this and once I close the forum window I'm on my own. Still wondering if to do those Cyrex tests to find out early on which other foods may be problematic. Part of me isn't convinced they're scientifically proven enough to be useful but then others seem to have had useful result. Trouble is it's not cheap and already been drained money-wise by these private hospital visits so have to pick the treatments wisely...
    • Ifyour using local  agricultural products  check into and your state dept  of ag.  You can  also check to see the types of projects that are available.  GOOD LUCK  
    • Q: My friends are talking about gluten-free diets and gluten-free foods. ... In celiac disease, the immune system identifies gluten as a foreign invader ... View the full article
    • Yes, GFinDC you've got the gyst of what I am after. If I am reading your response correctly then, you think that inflammation in the gut caused by gluten ingestion is enough to trigger diarrhea, quite apart from the state of one's mucosa? That would be good news for me. More information on this inflammation reaction in the gut with gluten ingestion is precisely what I am after, but cannot seem to find. Because, as stated, as far as I know, D is mostly if not only, caused by flattened villi. OTOH, how interesting to hear from you, cycling lady, that you had flattened villi and no D! RMI, the link is quite depressing. Many appear not to have healed mucosas after a gluten-free diet. A repeat endoscopy is what is so clearly needed by many of us, but honestly I am a little wary of the risks.
    • No, they didn't test my ttg igg, which I was surprised about considering the low IgA and positive DGP Igg. (The tests they did were IgA serum, Ttg IgA, DGP Igg and IgA and gene testing) If he ever returns my call, I was going to ask him about that.  He initially wanted to set up a endoscopy, but I told him I had one last year (with my prior GI) and he said he'd take a look at it and we'd go from there, except that was two weeks ago and I haven't heard from him.  My prior GI did take biopsies, I believe to rule out H.Pylori and I was told biopsy results were normal, however, I didn't receive a pathology report or anything like that.
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