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Glucola Drink

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Trutol 50, orange

It may be disgusting, but it is gluten-free!

It's made with corn.

1 800 556-7575

(I still refused it and gave the doc finger prick readings from a personal blood glucose unit instead.)


~29 weeks!!


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Oh come on Connie!!! That is one of the rights of passage of pregnancy...!!!! Will she survive the awful dreadful oranglicious gluccola??? HEHEHEH

ahhh but is that stuff they make you drink before the epidural gluten free??? YEACK!!!! :P


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Yeah, I know.... I woosed out :wacko:

But, the end result was the same...Gestational Diabetes.

Bye, Bye Midwife....Hello hospital! :angry:



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Oh, no, Connie! I'm so sorry to hear that! :( I hope your delivery goes smoothly, when the time comes! Just out of curiosity, are all of your blood sugar readings high, or are some of them low? I have a pregnant friend (who I think may actually have celiac disease) who has had wildly varying blood sugar readings, along with a host of difficulties. Her doctor didn't diagnose gestational diabetes, though, because she had some extremely low readings that the doctor thought were inconsistent with diabetes. Can you shed some light on this? Thanks!


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Hmmm....some of my readings are low also (60). Especially 2-3 hours after I eat--depending on what I eat (protien). Carbs and sugars make the whole set of reading higher, and mostly protiens make the readings lower.

I've only just been diagnosed, and haven't had my 2 week follow-up visit yet.

Here is some info I found (but I can't recall the site address):

"How is the test performed?

Here's how some of the tests may be done to check blood glucose levels:

A fasting blood glucose test is the preferred method to diagnose diabetes and rule out other conditions. This test is done after a person has had nothing to eat or drink except water for at least 8 hours. This is often called fasting. It is generally started overnight so the test can be done in the morning. Normal fasting plasma glucose levels are less than 110 mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter). Fasting plasma glucose levels of more than 126 mg/dL on two or more tests done on different days usually indicate diabetes. Levels between 110 and 126 indicate a condition known as pre-diabetes. An HbA1c, also known as glycosylated hemoglobin, measures the average blood glucose over the past 3 months. It is a good measure of long-term blood glucose control. This test is generally done only in people who have diabetes. It is used to assess how well their therapy is working.

An oral glucose tolerance test requires a person to drink a premeasured amount of a glucose drink. Then two hours later, a blood glucose measurement is done. Healthy glucose levels with this test are less than 140 mg/dL. If the blood glucose is greater than 200 mg/dL, then another test is done on a different day to confirm whether the person has diabetes or not. Usually the fasting blood glucose test or the random glucose test is done.

A random blood glucose test is done shortly after a person has eaten or had something to drink. A level of 200 mg/dL or higher may indicate diabetes. Usually if a level is above 200 mg/dL, a fasting glucose test or oral glucose tolerance test is done to confirm the diagnosis of diabetes.

A self-monitoring of blood glucose, also called SMBG or home blood glucose monitoring, lets a person monitor blood glucose at home. This is done only by people who have diabetes. A record of daily blood glucose readings can be kept to follow changes in glucose levels throughout the day. This can be useful to the doctor in deciding if changes need to be made to the person's diabetes treatment plan."

So, my doctor wants my morning fasting readings between 70-100, but they are often 100+.

I've been watching my carb and sugar intake, and my readings were okay(and I thought I was over it or something), but then I had a small bowl of vanilla ice cream--the same amount and kind I usually eat--and I got super dizzy, sick feeling..... Well, my blood sugar rose to 222!! That has NEVER happened to me before! (I normally have low blood sugar, and could live on just sugar!) That was a definate "red flag". I guess as long as I stick to the plan we'll be okay.

It all seems inconsistant to me right now. I need to learn more about it, too.

Good luck to your friend!



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    • I found my gas issues were caused by carbs, and sugars, something about how the bacteria in my gut changed and started making me gassy and extremely bloated when they got a hold of any thing more then a tbsp of grains, beans, fruit, or starch carbs. And no amount of medicine helped. Changed to 1/4 servings of those and mostly protein, fat diet. As for vitamin supplements I found I have to take B vitamin supplements 3 times a day to not go zombie mode. I personally found Liquid Vitamins Energy & Stress and the Nero-logic from them helps along with the occasional 1/2 bottle of 5 hour. As to carbonated water I avoided it when bloated cause it made me feel worse.
    • Butterbean, do go have a read of the dermatitis herpetiformis section.  See if anyone's story sound familiar to what you're experiencing.
    • Hi all. Well, it's been around twenty days since I've been taking Gas-X like meds (with simethicone), but no relief. Maybe I should drink bigger dose... Currently, I'm taking 80 mg four times per day.
      I'm so exhausted, both mentally and physically... Anyway, I have two questions:
      First, is it good or bad to drink mineral/carbonated water if you have severe trapped gas like me?
      Second: Is it possible to regain some physical strength/relieve fatigue with vitamin supplements? Thanks in advance.
    • I have had so many issues with my teeth--I keep getting decay and I have had filling after filling.  This past week, my dentist told me I may need a crown, which is pricey. I also have two missing teeth, which was a genetic thing that runs in my family. I am sick of hygienists telling me I am not doing enough brushing, flossing rinsing.  I do all three religiously (can't even imagine how bad my mouth would be if I didn't...)  Thankfully, last time I had my teeth cleaned, the hygienist said that my mouth was the cleanest one she had seen in years. And, she said, "something happened to your teeth developmentally." I explained how I had undiagnosed celiac disease many years. I am only 31... It is really disheartening.   What do you guys do to afford all this dental care?  My insurance doesn't cover a whole lot.  Thankfully, my dentist has felt bad and gives me discounts here and there.
    • I have been recently diagnosed with celiac. It causes terrible attacks that start with ear ringing (?) Anyway, I too, cannot eat Budding's lunch meat. I have discovered that it causes a gluten reaction. I did not realize it until the third time eating it as I am vegetarian. But as I literally can eat almost nothing now, I was craving "real food". I ate this lunch meat thinking it was safe and voila! Celiac attack. Swollen, painful ankle, ringing ears, itching mouth, nausea, anxiety, going to the bathroom way too much, etc...I also cannot toletare corn starch so, that might be it? So, I agree, I definitely cannot eat that nor can I tolerate 20 ppm. I empathize with all of you. Looks like potatoes and tea, at least till I learn to cook.  :-p
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