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My doc called with lab results today. I had a bunch of minerals and stuff tested for since my celiac disease diagnosis. Anyway, my iron panel stuff was HIGH not low, and in fact it was significantly high, so doc says I may have Hemochromotosis, which can lead to liver problems later. I am so confused, b/c you would think having celiac disease would make it not likely to have high iron stores. I was tested for celiac disease via endoscopy and biopsies. Has anyone hear heard of this being related at all to celiac disease?


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My son and I both have celiac disease and high iron levels and have had liver problems. He has had his iron levels tested fairly frequently because he also has short-gut (more than 70% of small intestines removed, his ileocecal valve removed and part of his colon removed). I remember doing research on hemochromotosis several yrs ago, and was told that I don't have it. I guess I didn't really answer your question :unsure: did I ?



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My doc is doing a genetic test to see if I have it. Have you had that done? He also said that the disease doesn't really manifest itself in women until age 50-60 due to pregnancies and menstruation. I was anemic in my pregnancies and had to take supplemental iron :huh: . Another weird thing is a few months ago when I had a physical my "iron" level was low, but my GI doc says that wasn't accurate b/c it wasn't a full iron panel and was only showing what happened to be circulating in my blood at the time of the blood draw. How old is your son? Have they diagnosed him with Hemochromotosis? My doc says it is common, even though it is weird that I would have it and have celiac disease. Exactly what liver problems have you guys had? Another weird thing was that my doc said my bilirubin was high, but my other liver tests were fine. He said this is yet another thing called Gilbert's sydrome--it is benign and requires no treatment or anything, but I asked him was he sure it wasn't related to the high iron, and he said no he was certain it was just Gilbert's. We did of course discuss the ramifications of untreated Hemochrom. on the liver. I am very confused at this point. Do you follow a special diet for the high iron?


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    • What's an " iodine test"?  Haven't heard doctors doing that to diagnose DH.
    • Hello! I've just been given my blood results and told they are highly suggestive of coeliacs but will have to wait till next month to see the gastroenterologist and who knows how much longer for a biopsy. My igA, igG and tissuetrans igA were all over 250 and tissuetrans igG was the only one that was normal. These results don't mean much to me yet but I'm told they are very high. I'm now quite fearful of how much damage I've gone to myself. I've had stomach problems for 25 years (just turned 40) and have often steered clear of too much bread and pasta for how bloated it made me feel but the symptoms were always vague and inconsistent so I kept eating. I had a couple of boats in the past few months (thanks kids) which I took a lot longer than normal to recover from then last Friday I had a blowout with wine, cheese, crackers, pizza and chocolate cake. I'm sure I've probably had blowouts like that before but I have never felt so sick before and am still slowly recovering. This is what finally prompted me to go back to my GP after being fobbed off so many times over the years. So I guess my question and my concern is whether there is still  chance of a false positive with levels like this? I worry what else it might be if not coeliac. I'm also worried that I may have done so much damage to myself that I will have several disorders going on! Thankyou!!    
    • Here's what the Klondike Bar makers say on the FAQ page of their website (August 2016): Are your products gluten free? Nope. They are not. We have not validated for gluten free. We do not operate allergen-free manufacturing sites, however we do have allergen management programs in all our facilities. The intent of these programs is to avoid unintentional cross-contamination of allergens between products. Our product labels adhere to the FDA’s strict regulations regarding declaration of ingredients and allergens. We do not use the terms “Natural” or “Artificial Flavorings” to hide the existence of any allergens. RECIPES CAN CHANGE. We strongly recommend that allergic consumers refer to ingredient declarations EVERY TIME they purchase processed foods.
    • I tried the iodine test but couldn't leave it on very long because it itched too much. I left it on maybe 30 minutes lol. Did anyone try it and have the same response??
    • Had my scope today. Dr said my esophagus is damaged and stomach inflamed. Waiting on biopsy results. Taking protonic and flagyl and he said to go ahead and try cutting gluten out to see if that helps. Thanks for the feedback everyone! 
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