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Throwing Up Without Feeling Nauseous?

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Posting here in pre, since still waiting for enterolab, and the biopsies didn't help. Sorry if wrong Mods.

I don't know if I have Celiac Disease yet, that's where I'm leaning (and according to doctors everything is normal besides a slight hiatal hernia).. and curious if anyone else gets to experience what follows?

Saturday night, started to get some diaherria(sp) cramping feeling, and went to the bathroom.. nothing came for awhile, then some stool, more solid, and as more and more slowly took it's time to come out.. it got looser and looser.. the cramping not going away. Eventually, did get to the liquid stool..

During the process though, I ended up throwing up a few times (Had to switch positions, you could say, lol), not because I was feeling nauseous.. but just like my stomach decided it didn't want food in it anymore. If that makes sense?

Something like this happened to me also, within the last two months I think.

But again, tonight.. going to the bathroom, my large intestines, more near the end, not all of it.. just started to hurt, cramping, not really diaherria cramping.. but sorta, and not pleasant. So going.. or trying, to make the feeling go away, and stomach again decided it didn't want dinner anymore, so threw up.. 7 times.. fun. Not all at once, within maybe like 10 minutes. Now just really burpy, lol. Intestines though still not happy, and had to go off to the bathroom while writing this, fun!

So I'm wondering maybe.. this could be caused by Celiac? Still eating gluten.. though this hasn't happened in the past, so thinking maybe it is starting to show signs of getting worse? I know that could be possible..

Oh well.. not looking for anyone to tell me what's wrong, just if something like this has happened to you maybe? Or any thoughts you have.. thanks!


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    • In addition to cheese made with yogurt, hard cheeses like cheddar, romano, parmesaen etc are also going to be lactose free. Eggs are also a good source of protein if you eat them. Do bear in mind that celiac can really mess with your head. It can cause depression and anxiety that can get worse for a short time when you first go gluten free. your life is not over by any means. The reason why you see more people on boards and in forums that are having problems is because most when they heal go on with their lives. We don't hear from them with the exception of a few that stick around to help people that are still struggling. Hang in there it will get better.
    • You are sick.  Depression and anxiety are symtoms of celiac disease (and many other illnesses).  It is hard now to look forward and imagine a great life, but it is possible.  I think you are already in the thick of the grieving process right now.  Reaching out to this forum can be very healing emotional (it is not just all common sense advice about gluten-free food!).  I did not say not to exercise, but to do it gently.  This is not the time to train for a marathon or triathlon!   The SCD Lifestyle is all about the money.  Seriously.  They are selling a book. 
    • They are big on selling books -. They try to spam a lot forums and FB groups. why can't you eat nuts, nut flours, quinoa, hummus and beans? I think I missed that. Those are a good source of protein.  If you can't digest lactose look for a lactose free cheese - like one made from yogurt. at first,I thought life was over.  But with a few years of experience, I have found it isn't that big of a deal. It helps to have an attitude of "I am not here for the food.  I am here for the wine ( or the company . ). Also helps to not care what people think - "I don't care if you think it's odd that I brought my own lunch to the funeral luncheon. "( And it helps that my lunch looks better than theirs lol.)
    • Gracey, It am a mother and I am going to give you some  valuable advice.  You need to keep and document everything related to your health.  Every lab test result, notes from your doctor's visits, etc.  Why?  Because only you are your best health advocate (except for your mom).  Doctors come and go, but it is up to you to manage your health.   When I changed insurance and doctors, I had copies of all my medical records in hand.  My new PCP was impressed.  There was no doubt that I had celiac disease, fractures, Hashimoto's and diabetes, anemia, etc.  I had physical proof.  As an result, she was quick to refer me to a new GI  and order tests to measure my progress  (e.g bone scans).  My family health history chart helped not just me, but other family members.   So, find out if biopsies were taken during your endoscopy.  Get the pathologist's report.  See if your doctor checked for other issues besides celiac disease.   Hugs!  
    • I don't do grieving, bad enough for something that's been taken away in the past but to know my future is pretty much gone now just feels too much. The only time I've forgot about the unfolding nightmare was during my hour or so of sport so need to cling onto that at the moment or I fear going to a very dark place indeed. Yup that SCD site is terrifying, still can't make up my mind if they're giving out useful information to genuinely help people or using scare tactics to sell their books etc. 
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