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The Truth About Splenda

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Michelle - Ditto re: giving out personal info to read an article.

Re: taking all websites with a grain of salt - I agree, and that goes for THIS WEBSITE, too! I've seen a lot on this forum that seems pretty sketchy, and much questionable information presented as fact by people with no medical background. (In addition, of course, to a lot of good info and support!) I think that people who are in between a rock and a hard place healthwise are all the more likely to accept anything that seems to give them an answer without thinking critically about it or doing real research. I know that when I've first been really sick from the various conditions I have (when I first realized how sick I was getting after eating, and also when I first became really disabled from the fibromyalgia) I was desperate for an answer even if it wasn't from a knowledgeable or legitimate source. Damn, I probably would have tried faith healing if someone had suggested it to me!


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It looks like any site member can post whatever they want on that site. My favorite is the doctor who has several articles objecting to the socialist practice of forced sharing of gluesticks in classrooms.

Also, there's a book-length article on how MS is caused by barium poisoning (lyme proponents take note).

Gluesticks? I'm not surprised.

Anybody can put any nonsense they want on the internet. Using an actual scientific study is probably a better idea.


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check out this coupon for the liquid flavors i found, i didn't even know they had flavors, i have been using stevia for a while now and grow a plant of it, it saved me! The sweetleaf flavors have absolutley no bitter aftertaste, i can't speak for other brands this is the only one i buy, but i love the root beer stevia in sparkling water, the vanilla creme stevia in tea and in recipes in place of vanilla extract and the apricot nectar stevia in my plain water to help me drink a lot more in a day. Enjoy!


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I copied this quote:

" In the coming months we can expect to see a river of media hype expounding the virtues of Splenda/sucralose. We should not be fooled again into accepting the safety of a toxic chemical on the blessing of the FDA and saturation advertising. In terms of potential long-term human toxicity we should regard sucralose with its chemical cousin DDT, the insecticide now outlawed because of its horrendous long term toxicities at even minute trace levels in human, avian, and mammalian tissues."

I get real sick drinking Aspartame and always did. I never drink diet sodas because I generally feel sickly about an hour after. Thanks for this information. As a young girl in the 60's I spent my whole summer vacation in the park. Remember when they had "Parkies". I was infatuated with mine, he was probably 17 yrs. old and I followed him everywhere. Anyway our park had a big baseball diamond and they would come with a small tractor hauling this tank thing that sprayed DDT unto the field and into the air like a hugh cloud. The cloud would could over to us and I can even remember running in and out of the clouds.

Then I would walk home along the bay of Green Bay and smell all the chemicals that the papermills were pumping into the air. It would sting your throat some days.

Is it any wonder I'm chemical sensitive. I can't even tolorate the smell of bleach. I don't use cleaners at all. Just vinegar or Melaluca (sp) (its tea tree oil.)

I will once in a while have cozy shack tapioca pudding with splenda. I'll have to stop buying it although what kept me from eating it everyday was how it made me feel. Taste good though. :(

Thanks again for the heads up



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    • I would like to ask if anyone has eaten puffed rice from Arrowhead Mills.  My daughter, who has celiac, wants to eat it and I am looking for advice.  The only ingredient is rice, but they do not test the product so do not label it gluten free.  I called the company and they say they clean all their equipment between each product, but since they don't test it cannot label it as gluten free.  Would you allow your daughter to eat this product?
    • He might have celiac disease (or just the start of it).  He might have Non-celiac Gluten Intolerance, which is real, but there is not a test for it.  He might have other food intolerances (milk, dyes, etc.).  You have been to an allergist and he did not positive for allergies (I assume wheat was included in the panel.).  Trialing a diet is fine, even a gluten free diet, when you ruled out everything.  But you have that quirky TTG result.  I gave you the link from the MayoClinic (top notch) and their algorithm recommends further evaluation.  An allergist is not a celiac expert nor is primary care doctor.  You should get a referral to a Ped GI.  If she/he suggests a gluten-free diet, then fine.  Because if he improves then, the GI will give you a diagnosis.  By the time you see the GI, he might have ordered another round of celiac blood tests, genetic tests, or he might want to order an endoscopy.  This case is not clear and that is a bummer.   The cure is the diet.  But he will be going to school and a diagnosis will pave the way for accommodations all the way to college.  And anyone here will tell you that once you get off gluten (and that is the root cause), it is awful....horrific... to go back on it for further testing.   This is his life and yours.  You must do what is best for your family.  I wish you well and we are here to support you.  I care.  I am mom.  
    • This just published: Highlights   • Kernel-based gluten contamination in oats skews gluten analysis results. • Grinding inadequately disperses gluten to allow a single accurate analysis. • Lognormal distribution of the test results renders a single test unrepresentative.   Abstract Oats are easily contaminated with gluten-rich kernels of wheat, rye and barley. These contaminants are like gluten ‘pills’, shown here to skew gluten analysis results. Using R-Biopharm R5 ELISA, we quantified gluten in gluten-free oatmeal servings from an in-market survey. For samples with a 5–20 ppm reading on a first test, replicate analyses provided results ranging <5 ppm to >160 ppm. This suggests sample grinding may inadequately disperse gluten to allow a single accurate gluten assessment. To ascertain this, and characterize the distribution of 0.25-g gluten test results for kernel contaminated oats, twelve 50 g samples of pure oats, each spiked with a wheat kernel, showed that 0.25 g test results followed log-normal-like distributions. With this, we estimate probabilities of mis-assessment for a ‘single measure/sample’ relative to the <20 ppm regulatory threshold, and derive an equation relating the probability of mis-assessment to sample average gluten content.   The full article can be accessed at Gluten Free Watchdog if are a subscriber.
    • If I may say something right now, the suggestions, advice, and information provided to you in this forum is just that: suggestions, advice, and information.  What has been provided can be used as tools to help figure out what is going on.  Please don't go away disgruntled or too frustrated.  There have been times myself when advice and suggestions was given to me, and I was not sure what to do about all the information.  I had to think and pray on it before I could act on it because my brain was functioning enough to do something about it right away.  It was on survival mode.  Forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe this is where you are at right now.  You are not sure where to go or what to do, so your body is just doing what it can to function day in, day out.  If this assumption is correct, I GET IT!  It is not fun, neither is it easy. Don't give up.  Things will get better.  Take all of this information and go to your primary doctor to see if you both can put your heads together and figure this out.  The answer may not come right away, but be patient.  it could be everything coming at you at once that making your body go into hypersentive mode.  I don't know, because I am not in your situation.  Until you go to the doctor, do what you know to do and God will take care of the rest.  There is something that has kept me sane through this past year: It will be okay because God is in control.  He knows what is happening to you and your future is going to be.  When you have a good day, enjoy those moments.  When you have a bad day, bring back to memory those good days and see if you can do something for another person.  I have found this year that if I focus on someone else through the bad times especially things don't seem as grim. I will be praying for you.
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