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Gas. Ped Doc In Denver

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Hi, My 21 month old has Celiac and we need a new Gastro. Ped doctor in the Denver Area (we live in Castle Pines North). Does anyone know one?


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We live up in Cheyenne, WY and our ped is sending us down to DCH to see a Dr. Hoffenberg. She said he is "the specialist" for celiac disease. My son just tested + on one test ( not sure which) but with his symptoms my ped and this doc think he is for sure celiac disease.


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Dr Hoffenberg is good, we have seen quite a few peds GI drs in the metro Denver area including him (we saw him for familial polyposis).My only hesitation about the GI clinic at the Children's Hospital, is another dr at the clinic, who you may encounter (on call sometime or for another reason) is AWFUL ! I won't say who it is, but I will send you a private email if you would like.

My son has several very complicated GI problems (short gut, caroli's disease familial polyposis) and also has celiac disease. Our main GI dr is Ted Stathos and we also see dr Ronald Holmes at the same practice Rocky Mountain Pediatric GI 303-869-2121. They are both wonderful drs and really nice people. There is a nutritionist on staff and they have several offices in the metro area including one near Park meadows Mall (very close to Castle Pines North-my parents just moved from there)

We are very happy with my kids' GI care (I have triplets who all see the GI drs) and I can highly recommend the drs we see.

Good luck with everything. Castle Pines North is a beautiful area enjoy it .


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    • Thank you for posting that. I've had a lot of that bloodwork done and everything is normal. At the peak of this belly bug I had blood work done and my white count was fine. I think it's just my health anxiety scaring me into thinking this is something scarier (to me) than celiac. Maybe the anxiety will subside once I go gluten-free. The anxiety is brutal.
    • I see no mention of the use of tTg tests to indicate the presence of Chrohns     
    • I guess I feel like if it is celiac that's ok. I know so many people with celiac and I feel ok about it. But anything else terrifies me. I just read online that elevated blood tests can be from crohns and not necessarily  celiac. But I don't know how elevated they mean. I also don't know how common that is. I don't have symptoms of crohns aside from the intestinal issues. No pain, no elevated white count, no bleeding or anemia, my weight is stable. I just didn't know if the ttg-iga can detect crohns rather than just celiac.  I do think that my weird hives that I get upon scratching or brushing up against something could be related to celiac, if that's what I have. My PUPPP rash was miserable. I never related it to gluten and I don't know if other women with celiac have experienced that. My anxiety started right around the same time that my dermatographism started. I have keratosis on the backs of my arms and on my thighs. They come and go. After my last pregnancy the backs of my arms felt like sandpaper. I can't help but wondering if it's all connected. 
    • So there is this drug being developed.  I believe there may be another, too?  If I have time, I will look and post.
    • I am sorry that you are so stressed!  But think about it.  Even if you should receive a Crohn's diagnosis, you just going to deal with it.  Chances are, with a celiac family history like yours, it is more likely to be celiac disease.  Try not to worry.  Think of the positive, you could be catching a relatively early diagnosis.  Perhaps, you can help your sibilings and children too.  Not all celiacs have symptoms.      
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