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Absolute Relaltion Of Gluten To Celiac Disease

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I am wondering if it has been absolutely scientifically proved that gluten is the antagonist with those with celiac or the cause of it? I notice an article on site entitled "Toxicity Mechanism of wheat and other cereals in celiac disease". In that article they mention 3 theories : 1. the glutan-lecithin theory; 2. peptidase deficiency 3. primary immune defecit. This leads me to believe that the gluten relationship is not proven absolute in either instant. I have not been diagnosed with celiac disease - I had an endoscopic test for general examination of bowel which was basically negative exept for small ulcer only several months ago but also did a single blood test for celiac disease with same gastro doctor which came back negative. I have fibromyalgia dignoses for many years and have been really conscious of food intake and a friend with celiac disease keeps wanting to insist I have celiac disease although no weight or diarhea problems but exhaustion and sore muscles.

In any event I did some self muscle testing (new age thing?) for senstivities of many things and all such testing appeared to give me back reasonable results until I got to the celiac disease and gluten thing. The testing and several retesting showed I could not tolerate wheat but could tolerate barley rye and oats. The testing showed I was not gluten sensitive but I did have celiac disease. I have only recently gained a lot of confidence in this muscle testing as I used it to properly self diagnose a tilted hip which I confirmed by certain angle of my legs over too much to one side when I put my legs up against the wall into a V. So, any comments out there?


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if you're sensitive to wheat, but not barley or rye or oats, perhaps you just have a wheat allergy? it's rather common, and just because it's called an "allergy" doesn't mean the symptoms are sneezing and watery eyes! ;-)


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I believe it's been established beyond a reasonable doubt that gluten IS the trigger for celiac disease, but wheat specifically has other components that can be extremely irritating to susceptible individuals. Wheat germ lectin, in particular, can cause a host of problems. Do you perhaps find that "white" bread is less troublesome than the whole-grain version?

If you haven't come across it already, the Blood Type Diet is largely based on the principle that different people react differently to various lectins and other food components. It sounded really hokey to me at first--in fact, I picked up the book so I could laugh at it--but after reading the books (Eat Right 4 Your Type and Live Right 4 Your Type), I ended up on the diet. You might find them as fascinating to read as I did!

You might also consider ordering a stool test for anti-gliadin antibodies from Enterolab, just as another piece to the puzzle.

I hope it turns out that you are just sensitive to wheat, not gluten! Good luck as you pursue an answer!


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Hi again and in clarification of my original posting on this string I was hoping that some very knowledgeable members would read the article on site and tell me whether or not I am reading it correctly ie. there are 3 theories on the cause of celiac disease and that the gluten theory is only one - the important aspect that the cause is only at theory state and not absolute scientific fact. If I am incorrect then could someone lead me to where I can read the scientific fact?

to find the article in question: go to Site Index - Research Data on celiac disease, GI, etc - then go to Studies on celiac disease and GI and go to the bottom to find the article I mention in my first message entitled "toxicity mechanism of wheat and other cereals in celiac disease. thanks folks. centeron.


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This paper is a critical appraisal of current theories on the mechanisms of toxicity of wheat and other cereals in celiac disease and some related enteropathies. The "peptidase deficiency," "primary immune defect," and "gluten-lectin" theories on celiac disease are examined and critically discussed on the basis of the relevant data available in 88 references. Special attention has been paid in this review to the nature of the cereal components triggering the appearance of toxic symptoms and signs in celiac disease as well as to underlying action mechanisms. The gluten-lectin theory is the one best able to explain celiac disease. It also explains some secondary intolerance that may occur in temporarily predisposed individuals as a consequence to viral hepatitis and intestinal infections, as well as the occurrence of intestinal lesions in healthy subjects that are administered very high amounts of gluten.

Is this the reference you are asking about? Here is how I understand it:

The paper in question (of which this is only the abstract, of course) discusses three theories on HOW gluten ingestion results in enteropathy, but I believe--although, to be fair, the wording of the abstract does not specifically state or imply this--that the authors are PRESUPPOSING that gluten (and not some other element of the toxic grains) is responsible for causing the symptoms of celiac disease. I think your uncertainty arises from the presence of the word gluten in the name of one of the theories, which suggests (but does not require) that the other theories do NOT implicate gluten. However, I have seen this theory elsewhere referred to simply as the "Lectin Theory."

Here is a technical article that supports the conclusion that gluten/gliadin is the culprit in celiac disease; you may find it interesting. Also, this has to be the most thorough single-webpage discussion of celiac disease that I have come across! I found it quite fascinating, and it discusses (among many other things) the theories mentioned in the above abstract.

I hope this answers your question, or at least points you in a direction for further research. Happy reading!


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      Thanks for the replies. I have been trying since Friday tohave my results emailed to me and I am still waiting. I've rung four times now and each time they say they are going to email them. I will post them once I receive them :-) I have a feeling that the test I had in 2014 was just a screening test as it was six months or so before my endoscopy. I am assuming this one would be the full testing but you never know. He didn't really give me information just that he was ordering a blood test for Celiac and an ultrasound on my gallbladder and I didn't know what questions to ask. He read the histology report to me but that was like a different language lol and there were a few little things that he mentioned like duodenum cells in stomach(?), still the severe reflux even though I am on two lots of medications, Barretts unchanged and melanin throughout my colon - which he said was due to the overuse of laxatives ... I've never had laxatives and of course the lymphocytes in the duodenum but I can't remember if he said there was damage to the villi!   Anyway, fingers crossed the elusive email comes through soon!  Thanks for humouring my lack of knowledge and supporting me through my impatience this week - I only have a small time frame where my husband is home and I want answers so I can get organised before he leaves xxx
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      I use to react possibly because of the plastic, I don't really know why.  I use naturo-care which is made from bamboo fiber.  I don't know what the price per pad is. 
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      Forgot to mention - I've also been very tired these past 2 weeks.  Pretty much sleep, eat,  and sometimes go to work if I'm up for it.  I also lost 6lbs since December when my symptoms started.  I'm 5'9 and usually 128. 
    • Lots of symptoms and just got a rash but is it DH?
      Hi   So now I'm 95% sure I have celiacs.  I've been going through so much pain and sickness for the last 3 months.... Feeling like I'll never get better.  I'm a 25 year old otherwise healthy,  active female.  I finally had a colonoscopy Thurs. Waiting on results.  My GI wants to rule out crohns.  I have yet to talk to him about celiacs.    I have a rash on inner thighs by vagina and goes around to butt,  slightly itchy,  burns,  some look like pimples, some red dots,  almost perfectly symmetrical.  Other current symptoms - alternating constipation/diarrhea with black specs,  neck pain like whiplash,  ears constantly popping/clogged (about a year) ,  vision flickering like I'm blinking but not - multiple times an hour,  left knee pain when pops,  low platelets (128), nausea/stomach pain after eating certain foods usually vomit, sharp pain bellow belly belly button &  to the left, pins and needles in legs/arms when sitting multiple times a week,  bright red dots like cherry angomas,  confusion with thoughts.  Thanks for your input
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