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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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What Are The Hidden Words On Labels For Dairy?

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so total newbie here to dairy free so what all do I need to watch out for on ingredients list? I know casein,whey and milk are dairy but what other words?


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The easiest way is to look at the allergen statement, it will list dairy.


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not all products have a line that says "Contains: Allergen, Allergen, Allergen".

However, any milk products won't be hidden.

if its labeled parve (or P), its non-dairy.

anything with casein/caseinate, any milk, any listing of dairy, whey/whey protein, lactose, butter, cream...

by the way-some margarines are casein free.


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Here's the list from


* Acidophilus milk

* Ammonium Caseinate

* Artificial butter flavor

* Butter

* Butter Fat

* Butter Oil

* Butter Solids Buttermilk

* Calcium caseinate

* Casein

* Caseinate

* Cheese (All)

* Condensed Milk

* Cottage Cheese

* Cream

* Curds

* Custard

* Delactosed

* Whey Demineralized Whey

* Dry milk powder

* Dry milk solids

* Evaporated milk

* Goat's milk

* Half-and-half

* Hydrolysates

* Hydrolyzed Casein

* Hydrolyzed Milk Protein

* Iron Caseinate

* Lactalbumin

* Lactalbumin Phosphate

* Lactate

* Lactoferrin

* Lactoglobulin

* Lactose

* Lactulose

* Magnesium Caseinate

* Malted Milk

* Milk (whole, lowfat, and skim)

* Milk Derivative

* Milk Fat

* Milk Powder

* Milk Protein

* Milk Solids

* Nougat

* Potassium Caseinate

* Pudding

* Recaldent

* Ready Sponge

* Rennet Casein

* Sodium Caseinate

* Sodium Lactylate

* Sour Cream

* Sour Milk Solids

* Sweetened Condensed Milk

* Whey

* Whey Powder

* Whey Protein Concentrate

* Whey Protein Hydrolysate

* Yogurt

* Zinc Caseinate


* Artificial Flavors / Flavoring- Vague ingredient, it may be derived from a dairy product

* Brown sugar flavoring- Depends upon the manufacturing process

* Caramel Color- Depends upon the manufacturing process

* Caramel Flavoring- Depends upon the manufacturing process

* Coconut Cream Flavoring- Depends upon the manufacturing process

* Galactose- Lactose by product, digestible for most, but some may have an intolerance to it

* Ghee- Supposedly pure butter fat, no protein or sugars, but it may contain traces

* High Protein Flour- Vague ingredient, it may be derived from a dairy product

* Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein- The processing phase may use casein, only a concern for highly sensitive allergies

* Lactic Acid Starter Culture- Different from Lactic Acid, may contain milk

* Margarine - Milk proteins are commonly found in most brands

* Natural Egg Flavor - Depends upon the manufacturing process

* Natural Flavors / Flavoring - Vague ingredient, it may be derived from a dairy product

* Protein - The added protein in foods, particularly "high energy" foods, is often milk protein

* Fat Replacers - Brands such as Dairy-Lo


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thank you so much that list is exactally what I was wanting and more.


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