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Facial Flushing, Nose Bleeds

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Posted 11 November 2004 - 07:20 PM

I am wondering whether anyone has facial flushing, and I mean REALLY red cheeks, chin, ears, lips, when they have a gluten accident? They look severley sun burned, or terribly slapped, and very nearly like they are almost bleeding! My son Logan shows this symptom when he gets wheat by accident, but he supposedly has a histamine type allergy to wheat, not celiac, with intestinal villi damage.
He has had a few wheat accidents over the last few weeks, partly my ignorance, partly just him being 4 years old. He has also had a couple of dandy nose bleeds, that have started out of the blue, not related to nose-picking or anything. I've read that the nosebleeds could be from a vitamin K deficiency. I read further that a vitamin K deficiency is usually caused by malabsorption. But malabsorption is more a symptom of intestinal damage possibly related to celiac, than a symptom of an actual histamine type of allergy to wheat. I am just trying to sort out what may be going on with him. I feel like just when I think I have a firm understanding of what is safe and what his problems are, something happens to make me feel like I don't know anything after all!!!
Has anyone else had problems with nose bleeds? and does his facial flushing definitely point toward ALLERGY or does anyone with celiac also get this symptom?
When he ingests wheat, as soon as I realize it, I give him antihistamine, like Benadryl, and his symptoms start to recede, and we can sometimes avoid the diarrhea. This would not happen if it were celiac, correct?
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Posted 12 November 2004 - 02:48 AM

B) i'm thinking the little guy has both--i understand the flushing face and the benadryl taking care of that, but i dont think he should have diarrhea with an allergy-of course i am not an expert ;) ---i have celiacs and allergies--my allergies react differently than my celiacs--i cant have too much soy and it causes constipation :( --i find that barley doesnt cause a reaction, but is still doing damage <_< --a wheat slip-up causes diarrhea :rolleyes: and now--ifi get wheat on my skin, i break out in hives--like in a lotion or something---anyways--i think he has both---deb
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Long Island, NY

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