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Ideas For London & Paris

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I'm going to be spending a week in each city in March. I've done what research on the internet I can. Unfortunately, the vegetarian places I find seem to rely on seitan (straight gluten :o ) or soy. Not to mention most dishes contain dairy and/or egg (which make me ill).

I suppose I can fall back on middle eastern, Indian and tapas. But if anyone has tips for where to go to just get veggies and fruit, I would appreciate it.

I'm particularly concerned about Paris, given the language barrier. (I will go with a sheet in French explaining what I can't eat, but if they try to engage me in a conversation about it all, I'll be lost.) Also, it will be hard to look at those pastries and cheeses and not indulge ... even though I would later regret it.

Particular restaurants, stores with takeout possibilities, techniques for getting restaurant cooperation, etc. -- all will be appreciated.


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