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Elevated C Reactive Protein And Sed Rate

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My c reactive protein is 13 mg/dl, normal is less than 5. My sed rate is 120 and normal range is 1-44.

Before I was diagnosised with celiac my sed rate was 54 and and my sed rate was 6. My biopsy indicated moderate to severel disease. My last biopsy was mild. Is this still related to the celiac ? I am negative for lupus and RA.

My hct is 11.3 and hematocrit was 33.8 and rbc was 3.64 All low. I was taking an mvi with iron a couple of times per week and the values came, but I had stopped and now the values are low. My cardiologist said I may not be following my gluten free diet close enough. My translutamomase was good in Nov 2007. My gi doctor ordered another level.

I am worried because I also have genetic hyperlipidemia. I am on maximum level of meds including crestor,

zetia and welchol. My last lipid level was 304 cholesterol and 249 ldl. These level and the high c reactive protein set me up for heart disease. My bmi is 24 and I exercise 4 times per week for 45 minute to 1 Hour.

My stress test with thalium came back normal and now they plan on a ultrasound of the heart.

If my arteries show 50% or more blockage, I have to go on hemi pharesis which is similar to dialysis every two weeks.

I admit to tasting a cake mix prepared with flour and wheat pasta when cooking for the rest of the family.

but in general I avoid pasta, bread.

Could it be make up, shampoo, or body wash? What is recommended?


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If your intent is to be gluten free, you're not ..... "I admit to tasting a cake mix prepared with flour and wheat pasta when cooking for the rest of the family.

but in general I avoid pasta, bread."


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The C reactive protein is a marker for inflammation. Since you are not really gluten free that could very well be the cause. You can't taste stuff, in fact most of us will not use gluten grain flours because the molecules become airborne and when you inhale them you get glutened. It takes 24 hours for all the flour dust to actually make it down to the floor and during that time you are breathing it in and injesting. If you are going to allow the toxin in the house you need to take precautions to protect yourself. You have come to the right place to find out how.

You do also need to check the items you mentioned as well as checking ALL meds you are on. Generics need to be checked with the maker with every refill and to get the most accurate answer you need to check them yourself.

There are a lot of really good gluten free breads, pastas, pizza mixes and premades, hamburger buns etc. There are also a lot of naturally gluten free foods although it can take a bit to get used to not being able to use a lot of convience or processed foods. Celiac is an autoimmune issue, in other words your body forms antibodies to it and eventually to itself in response to injestion. Even a very, very tiny amount is enough to get the antibodies flowing throughout your bloodstream attacking not just your gut but your brain, liver, pancreas, heart, kidneys, muscles and joints anyplace the blood flows through your body is open to being effected by the antibody reaction. It is not a lifestyle that can be picked up and then dropped for convience at times without risking some very serious outcomes.


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You need to be 100% Gluten Free. No tasting. Hopefully if you can do this and get the biopsy to show no damage. That should be your goal.


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    • First, do you have celiac disease?  Have you recently had a celiac antibodies follow-up blood test panel to see if gluten has been actually getting into your diet by accident or through cross contamination?  If you haven't had the test, you should ask your doctor for one.  You could also also ask for a follow-up endoscopy to see if you intestines have truly healed.  This will rule out if gluten is really the problem.    If you don't have celiac, I assume you have Non-celiac gluten Intolerance because no one would stick to the gluten-free diet for six years unless you have had reductions in symptoms.  There is no test for NCGI unfortunately.  So, it is hard to say if gluten has been sneaking into your diet.  You really are going to have to try to figure out if you are getting gluten into your diet.  If gluten is not the problem, then your doctor needs to check you for other issues, like SIBO. There is a test to check for SIBO.  Has this been done?   Once a celiac, always a celiac.  There is no cure for celiac disease except to remain on a gluten free diet for life.  I am not sure about NCGI.  Not much research has been done.  Maybe others can chime in?    
    • I am so confused right now.... 6 years ago I went on gluten free diet... after being on it for the first yr I was 100%better up until 5 months ago in got the "flu" the doctors told me to cut out dairy sonic did and my diarrhea  became better but not completely gone would not have it every day tho. I went to the gi doctor and they said to cut out fructose and dairy and keep gluten out... yesterday I went to the dietitian to see what I can eat and she gave me the list for fructose... she said it should have been on a antibiotic for sibo.... eventually I will be able to add dairy back and maybe gluten.... I said how can I add gluten back when this was my first problem... she goes well through fructose goes hand in hand with it... I said with gluten I vomit and am sick for weeks.... fructose isn't that bad I vomit sometimes but I'm not sick for weeks.... I'm just confused on really what is going on and was wondering if you or someone you know had sibo from gluten and or fructose and how Is this all related?
    • I see no one has responded to your query.  Unfortunately I have yet to try making a pie crust.  It was something I never mastered before going gluten free.  Have you looked on Pinterest?  You might find something there.
    • I honestly feel like both doctors think it's all in my head even though there is proof.  Yeah there was a point when I felt crazy.  That was when I was being shuffled from dr to dr being given individual diagnoses of my problems.  None of those diagnoses ever made me get better.  Seriously I was diagnosed with heart palpitations, neurocardiogenic syncope, I was given a butt load of steroids because a dr felt like I was producing too much adrenaline, freaking had a few tell me I was depressed, and the good ol IBS.  It seemed most wanted to push pills.  It's all just ridiculous!
    • I can't believe your doctors!!! You have a daughter who is dx'd already! Yet the ped doesn't want to test your other kids unless you have a dx????!!! Are you kidding me???!!! That's absurd!!! They have a first degree relative who has been dx'd with celiac already. There is no need to wait to see what you turn out to be!! And then, and then, and then....don't even get me started on your doctor!!! Does he have brain damage? Oh this is insane & ridiculous!  I have never heard of a disease that doctors are so unwilling to consider or test for OR to diagnose as this one! Usually they are hot to trot to make a dx but say the word celiac & they shake in their boots. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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