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If I Accidently Eat Something With Gluten...

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Posted 26 February 2004 - 04:40 PM

I have a quick question I'm really curious about. Say we have an accident and eat something with gluten in it. So after realizing we just had something with gluten and know that within a couple of hours we'll feel pain and start getting sick (well, that's what happens for me at least) ... can we just enjoy the rest of the day then? I guess I should use the term "enjoy" loosely. But what I mean is if I've slipped up and had something with gluten... can I just eat what I want that day since I've already messed it up and the damage is being done? Or does it cause SIGNIFICANTLY more damage? It's tempting after realizing I've eaten something with gluten to just go eat anything I want then for the remainder of that day since apparently I'm back at square one. If anyone has any input on this, I'm very curious to know. I'm sure a lot of people will say no, I shouldn't / can't.... but practically speaking... If I'm back at square one after ingesting gluten by accident, then why not just eat what I want that day anyways?

Once again, thanks a lot for all your help. You guys rock. :rolleyes:

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Posted 26 February 2004 - 05:02 PM

It's tempting after realizing I've eaten something with gluten to just go eat anything I want then for the remainder of that day since apparently I'm back at square one.

Hi Newbie,

Of course we are all going to say NO, don't do it. The reality of it is that you are not quite back at square one. A minor accident, although usually painful for most (and will cause some damage in most people) will not completely flaten the villi. But if you go out and say, eat a pizza or something you are going to hurt yourself a bit more. And you certainly run the risk of your body developing other diseases related to celiac disease.

If you do have an accident, the best thing to do would be to just move on and continue on the gluten-free diet as if nothing happened and just deal with the symptoms. Some people will have symptoms for a day or two, but some will last for weeks and I certainly wouldn't want to suffer for a few weeks, no matter how bad I was craving a food.

God bless,
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Posted 26 February 2004 - 05:58 PM


Remember, too, that our bodies begin the healing process immediately upon realizing that damage is being done. They don't wait until nightfall to start cleaning up the mess created by a gluten accident. Yes, we have our circadian rhythms, and most healing probably does occur while we sleep, but please don't discount ANY of the effort your body puts into healing itself! It's just not worth it!
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Posted 02 March 2004 - 09:54 AM

Please permit me to rephrase your question for perspective: "If I accidentally ate something toxic, would it be OK to eat my favorite foods containg more of that toxin for the rest of the day?" I think of gluten like rat poison and ingest as little as humanly possible. I assume that the next gluten reaction I have will be the one to kick off lupus or one of the other nasty potentialities of gluten sensitivity. This makes it easier for me to not cheat.
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Posted 02 March 2004 - 03:37 PM

Darn, I sure was hoping someone would say yes to this question but I know you're right. My logic says, too, that a tiny bit of gluten should do a tiny bit of damage, and a lot should do alot. I can still dream about that creme filled doughnut though! ;)
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#6 Guest_shar4_*

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Posted 03 March 2004 - 12:30 PM

Hi all,

I have to put in my 2 cents worth, as usual. I have just survived my first real accident since going Gluten Free on Halloween, I don't EVER want to go through that again. I have temptations, but I don't think, even if I realize that I did eat something, that I would continue to eat more that day. I only had some cereal, and within 4 hours was in the bathroom, the next day I felt like I was underwater all day, and am only now feeling better and it is a week later. .

I guess I would have to say that I am somewhat of a coward <_< , and hate feeling badly. Someone, elsewhere on this board, said that it is easy to get used to feeling better, and that is so TRUE!!! I haven't felt this good in years, and I LOVE it.

Anyway, I do ramble on don't I?

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Posted 06 March 2004 - 07:44 PM

When I first was ill Id say "ah, ill be fine". Id eat my forbidden food and hours later Id be in immense pain. years later here I am and every now and again I eat a food on my forbidden list...

I would NOT recommend going all out for the rest of the day because it not only causes more damage to your villi but it takes longer to heal and the more you eat the worse the pain it Id imagine.

Many of us ate wheat here and there before our diagnosis but now being on a gluten-free diet the addition to a forbinned food would be immense. Since your body doesnt have it its going to take it a LOT harder.

think of it in this analagy....
There is a person that has been addicted to drugs... Once they do it all the time it takes a lot to get them high... They decide to quit (which in our case would be the forbinned foods) and they relapse after a while after being clean. It takes very very little to get them high again. What I al trying to say is that its not worth the pain because it not only hurts you physically but it hurts your bosy as well far more than you could imagine.

Dont hurt ourself more than the unnecissary.
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