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Feeling As Though I'm Glutened When I Exercise

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Hi all! So I finally got the courage up to exercise again after a long time of not because of pain. I haven't exercised like I should in a long time because it took me five years to be diagnosed and I'm now a year and two months into recovery. However, I tried to start exercising again a few weeks ago and my first week I did 4 times of fast, but not power walking for 20 minutes. The second week I went up to power walking, but had to stop after three times (I did every other day) because of the terrible pain I was in. Now I played basketball in school so I'm familiar with all the stretching and normal "over doing it" pain. I did stretch, I drank extra water, all of that, but I had terrible pain that felt like I was being glutened. All my symptoms I have when I am glutened came back...terrible intestinal pain, fatigue, join pain, brain fog--however I did not change introduce any other new foods so I know I'm not glutened. The worst part is The pain is still lingering now two weeks later just as strong as it was right after I exercised.

Anyone have any ideas or solutions to help my pain? I'd really like to get back to exercising because six years and counting is too long not to exercise!



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My kids and I have noticed the same thing. I don't know if it is because exercise makes symptoms more obvious, or if it is that exercising makes the symptoms worse. The cure for us was to be more diligent about cc.

I managed to do a mini triathlon after not even being able to run around the block. My son did a 5 K after not being able to run a mile without throwing up. My daughter is the third faster runner on her cross country team. Before cleaning her diet up she was at the end of the pack.

Good luck. It is so nice to be able to exercise again.


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This may be a silly thing to ask, but are you working at home or at a gym? I only ask because I joined a gym for the first time in November. The first day there I got thirsty and took a drink out of the water fountain. And got glutened! I realized later that the fountain was across from a granola bar vending machine, so people were probably getting a little snack and a drink... oops, gluten! :lol: Ever since that I remember to bring my own water bottle, and haven't had any problems at all. And now I know to avoid public water fountains in general, which remarkably I'd never thought of before.


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dilettantesteph--I was previously thinking I may be super sensitive. Maybe this is the tip that's showing me. Thanks for assuring me I'm not alone though...sometimes I feel my adventures are odd in this gluten free venture!

deinanthe--interesting, I've never thought of that, however I'm working out at home. *sign* another thing to worry about in public! I have little motivation to work out let alone leave the house to do so! I record stuff on the dvr and save my favorite shows for the treadmill.


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    • I've been eating gluten for 4 weeks now, as recommended by my doctor, to test for Celiac. Today I got 'some' of my blood test results back, although not all... I have my biopsy test scheduled for tomorrow morning, but I don't know if I should go through with it or not if the other results are not back by morning (which would show a clear positive or negative)... The results I got so far have a few alarming numbers...

      My platelets are marked as High, being 484 x10^9/L but what I found more confusing was that my ESR is a Low 5mm (with average rate being 10 - 14)... 

      My Ferritin (Serum) is 36 ng/mL which I think is low(?)

      I'm no doctor, and I know that the best thing to do is ask a doctor, but I'm quite sure that if I go for my biopsy appointment tomorrow my specialist would insist on me taking it, even if the other results are not back by then. I'm sure it's not a pleasant experience and would like to avoid going through with it unless it is necessary. 

      Also, I took my blood test after eating gluten for only 3 weeks (since that was a week ago), and if my blood tests result as negative, I'm thinking about trying to keep eating gluten for another 4 weeks and test again then... if that comes positive, I'll then want to have the biopsy test done.

      What do you make of the above numbers? Any connections with celiac? Or with something else? 
    • The first two tests (at least in the US and most of the EU) have been replaced by the DGP tests (at the bottom) of GFinDC's list of celiac tests.  Not all celiacs test positive to the common Screening TTG.   The TTg is good and catches most and it was cheaper to run the best one (it is all about the money), but researchers realized they were not catching all celiacs.  Here is a link to the University of Chicago's celiac website.  When I was diagnosed three years ago, this site recommended just the TTg (as did the American GI Association).  Now they have expanded the list of celiac tests. Luckily, my GI must have just attended a GI conference and he ordered the complete panel for me.  ($400). It paid off.  Only my DGP IGA was positive and the rest of the blood panel (including the popular TTG test) was negative.  My biopsies revealed some severe intestinal damage.  My new health provider only allows PCP/GP doctors to only order the TTG.  So, if I want the follow-up testing to see if I have improved or had a gluten exposure, I must go to my New GI.  Yep, it is all about the money!   Keep eating gluten and make sure your  GI takes four to six samples during the endoscopy.  Maintain copies of all your results.   Your symptoms?  Yes, there are over 300 celiac disease symptoms.  celiac disease does not just affect the gut, but mis-informed and those who do not keep up with the latest in medical, do not seem to know that!   Do not give up!  
    • It's great to hear from you, Nightsky.  Glad to also hear of your steady progress.  Living gluten free is definitely a learning process, and even the baby steps are times to celebrate.  Wish you all the luck in the world as you continue to heal for the glutenization.  
    • Hi Nicky, When you first go gluten-free your symptoms often do change.  Feeling better or worse is possible.  The healing process is a major change in our gut and that means a big change in the gut flora is likely,  which can cause symptoms by itself.  Additionally the immune system doesn't stop making antibodies on a dime.  the immune system keeps working  to defeat the gluten invaders until it is darn good and ready to take a break. You really shouldn't start the gluten-free diet until all testing is completed.  That includes a full celiac disease panel and an endoscopy with biopsy samples.  It's much easier to complete testing while still a gluten eater than it is to stop gluten and go  back on it for testing later.
    • Hi Kircket, Welcome to the forum! Yes, he could be wrong.  Not everyone passes the blood tests.  And they are just one part of the diagnostic process anyway, although an important one.   Did you have the complete celiac antibodies panel? Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgA
      Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgG
      Anti-Endomysial (EMA) IgA
      Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA
      Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) IgA and IgG
      Total Serum IgA If you didn't have the full celiac disease antibodies test panel, I'd insist on getting it done.  There have been numerous people on the forum who tested positive on one antibody but not on others.
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