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Im Newbie And A Oldy

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My mother diagnosed me and herself ten years ago. I didn't believe it. I had been sick for so long, and didn't know what to believe anymore. I was 16 years old but I was exhausted of doctors and tests and being poked and prodded.

As far as I know I am not celiac, I am Intolerant to the Gluten grain. I can have it but at times I am unable to process, over the years I have found that my system does better with small amounts of complex carbs (bread, pasta etc..) Here lately I have been having really bad stomach issues. So I have now been on the diet for two weeks and I am feeling better physically, mentally my whole system is better, My temper is calmed down, my head is more clear. It has made such a difference to my body in the last week.

I know that I am gonna have to stay on this diet for a while but I am having issues following the diet, helping my husband understand why I am doing this, figuring out what is safe and not safe.

Do I got 100% gluten free or do I just avoid the complex carbs like breads, pastas, cakes, cookies, anything that has wheat flour in it.


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The effects you are describing are consistent with celiac disease. It has many symptoms, which vary from individual case to case. Have you actually been tested for celiac disease? Your mother "diagnosed" you--how?

If indeed you do have celiac disease, you must completely avoid wheat, rye and barley. You will not heal and recover on "gluten light."

You will find help and support here. At first, it seems overwhelming, but it is not. There are so many things that you CAN eat safely. Focus on them.

Fresh from the butcher meats; plain fruits and vegetables; eggs; many foods by Kraft, ConAgra, General Mills and Unilever (they will clearly disclose gluten grains in their ingredient lists).

Come here with your questions. Someone here will know the answer.


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Peter has given you the best advice and I agree totally.

You can check out my thread "Newbie Info 101" in the coping section for some tips on avoiding gluten, etc.including safe foods, cross contamination issues, etc.

See if anything there helps? :)

Best wishes and welcome!


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I found out today that I really need to be fully Gluten free I had a wonder teriyaki tilapia dish that was wonderful. But within 10 minutes I felt like I had to go to the bath room and now, with no end in site for two hours. My Stomach was in real bad shape.

My mother Decided that I had Celiac was 16 by taking my health history, and all of my symptoms, talked to the team of doctors that was over seeing my care in the hospital about the possibility it could be celiac (she found it online). They said that there was a real possibility that I am. They did a few tests all coming back negative. They informed us that this was the first real lead to what was causing me to be as sick as I was.

** Back history Kidney failure, Gallbladder removed at 15 and on 3 different antacids to help with Acid Reflux and a brain deformity, week tendons, and joints, just to skim the surface.

Even with the test being negative the doctors said that it was a good idea to put her and I on the diet to see if it improved our health. I got better but I didn't quite get it and rebelled against it for years. She has been gluten-free for 10 years and at the peak of health.


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Sounds like if you want to feel better you are going to have to be a stubbornly gluten-free redhead :) Drink plenty of water and I hope you feel better soon.


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    • Food tolerance issues post-diagnosis
      In light of the studies that found some probiotics that are labeled gluten-free yet tested over 20ppm I wouldn't touch them. Now those would be the powder or pill forms. Yogurt is not affected by that. Since you don't have a problem with dairy then I would say eat some yogurt every day. I like Chobani Greek because it has more kinds of cultures. Remember now that powder or pill forms of probiotics do not come under the gluten-free labeling law. The same for OTC & prescription meds. You need to check every single one of those. There are a few online sites where you can check things like that or ask here but as far as prescription meds -- call the manufacturer EVERY TIME. I also wanted to tell you in case you didn't already know that since celiac is genetic and can present at ANY age then all your first degree relatives need to be tested every 2 years in the absence of symptoms and immediately if symptoms present between the 2 year periods. As far as the digestive enzymes go, I tried Digest Gold for a short time & it really didn't seem to do anything for me however I will say I had a lot of issues going on at the time so I might not know if they helped or not. I decided to quit them in order to take that out of the equation so I could try to pin down what was causing me distress. The fewer things in the mix you know. I have heard people report the same as your consultant said. Some say they helped & some say they didn't. Remember Jammy, you're just in the beginning stages. I KNOW you want to heal & heal FAST. Been there, done that! It's like this: you didn't get sick overnight & you're not going to heal overnight. Patience is the watchword here. It's hard I know! You just want to get on with your life. We can all relate.  Again, I'm going to say to eat foods easy on your gut. WELL cooked foods. No raw carrots, coconut, nuts & stuff like that. Easier on your gut would be nut butters.... peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter etc.... It's sort of like being a baby ---  soft, easy to digest foods. Bone broth is a great healer for you gut & extremely nutritious as well as being easy on the digestion. Here's just one recipe:
    • Food tolerance issues post-diagnosis
      Thanks for the tip! Will try that out in the next few days. By the way, has anyone had any joy with probiotics or digestive enzymes in terms of symptom relief/speeding up the healing process? I asked my consultant about this when I saw him last week and he said that some people find them beneficial while others don't, but obviously I'm keen to try anything that may help, with uncomfortable fullness/bloating/gas still being my main issue  - is it worth giving them a go?
    • Are The Following Gluten-free?
      I realize that this is an old thread but I would just like to say something about label reading. Just because a product says gluten free on the label doesn't mean that you don't have to read any further and can have complete trust in the product.  There are a lot of products that state that they are gluten free on the package and then you find out that they are processed in plants that also produce wheat products. If you are super sensitive, you need to know that information. I am afraid that there is no escaping reading labels in supermarkets unless you know that the company makes it's products in a truly gluten free environment (even then you should read labels because ingredients can and do change, even in products made in gluten free facilities), It's a pain to stand there and read labels but if you are super sensitive, you might just have to do that. For example, I am gluten and lactose intolerant but also sensitive to nuts and sesame. While it may be fine for other gluten intolerant people to eat something that's labeled gluten free which is produced in a gluten free facility that also processes nuts, for me it is not.. 
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      Dipping your spoon into this bell pepper–sweet potato combo is like dipping into a bowl of sunshine. It's stunning—and the perfect antidote to a gloomy winter's day. This soup also freezes well, so if you're not serving a crowd, store the leftovers for a later date (or make a double batch). I like to enjoy this soup accompanied by my Massaged Kale Salad with Spicy Hazelnuts View the full article
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