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Accidental Gluten Ingestion.. Or Overreacting And Worrying On My Part?

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So I have a history of worrying WAY too much. Doesn't help I have emteophobia as well, so that just adds to all this anxiety. I have been gluten free for over two years now. I'm 14. I have had too many gluten scares to count, when I am assured I will be just fine and guess what -- I am. A tiny soap bubble of mystery soap (gluten-free or not, I don't know) going on my lip.. Someone's juice going on my lip.. Tape in my hair, someone spraying perfume and me breathing heavily, and having a cookie thrown at me. Which, fyi, never even came close to my mouth.

Now I have another scare! I have tape all over my chair and couch because we're trying to get my kitten to use the post. Double stick tape. It's scotch. Clear. I was leaning my head against the couch arm, and the tape went on my hair, and the side of my face, and on my cheek, relativley close to my mouth. Freaking out, I wiped my face, put my hair up, and rubbed vigorously at my cheek. None of it actually touched my mouth. I have looked it up, and a few places have said yes, scotch tape brand is gluten free, and it has been in gluten free school list supplies. But I have a low level of trust when it comes to gluten (bad experience with the dentist..) so....

Am I overreacting?

or should I go order my tombstone? xD


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Don't freak out it will only make things worse! Take a deep breath!:)

Getting something on your lip/in your mouth could gluten you if it has gluten in it. As for the cookie being thrown at you...unless you catch the cookie then lick your hand, you will be ok:) I understand that it makes you nervous, i get quite worried a lot too. To the best of my knowledge, if you don't get the gluten on/in somewhere where it could be ingested, you will be ok! Just wash your hands a lot and don't touch your mouth, then everything will be fine!:)


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Yes, deep breath. I assume you react to gluten with symptoms? I think you are doing a great job following the gluten-free diet, but it might help to let your body tell you when it does not like something. That may reduce some of your anxiety? Everyone makes mistakes, just so long as it doesn't become a habit! :lol: I don't think that the scotch tape will cause you a problem. If it does, there really isn't anything you can do about it now – you've done your job! :) I worry a lot too, but it helps to remember that I've done the best that I can and sometimes, things happen! I do think that you will be ok though. :)


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    • Hello! My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac non-biopsied about 6 months ago. When I recently went for my physical, I mentioned to my PCP that my daughter was Celiac, she said that I need to be tested. I took a blood test that day and here are the results: Anti-Gliadin IgA                     Gliadin Ab(s) IgA - 18.23U/ml    -      Standard Range: 0-15 U/ml   - Result: Positive My PCP told me to start a gluten-free diet right away and she will re-test again in 6 months. I was expecting a full panel, like my daughter had, not sure if it is necessary or not. We elected not to put my daughter through a biopsy, as she was just recovering from a ruptured appendix and her GI Dr. agreed that he numbers were so high that she was fairly certain w/o biopsy that she was Celiac. My DD feels so much better. Do you think this test is enough for me to start the gluten-free diet? I actually have cut way back on gluten, as I somewhat eat what my daughter eats. So my test may have reflected that decrease. Should I ask for more testing? Is this test sufficient? Thanks for any assistance!!  
    • That's hard.  You can try the "I come to be social,"  "I have serious food allergies", "I only come to drink"...... whatever might feel comfortable.  I know celiac is not an allergy but more people understand if you say celiac is like a severe food allergy.  Do go, have fun.  Don't let food stop you.  Yes, people give looks but honestly they get to know that this is just you and hopefully they will come to accept it. 
    • I thought it had all died down too so I started buying them for my celiac daughter. 4 boxes were fine. The 5th made her very sick for over a week.  Beware!
    • Agree!  That is a difficult spot to be in.  I have a friend who insists she can cook for me.  I have tried the "I come for the company, not the food", "I am celiac.." etc.  I finally gave up and said "I love you but no!".  It's very hard.  Very hard!  But stay strong.
    • I never ate at the fair but always "rewarded" myself with a nice glass of wine at the wine and beer patio!   The corn on the cob might be ok but I have to agree with the poster who mentioned that stuff at the fair probably isn't terribly clean.  Stuff your purse with snacks and enjoy.  My partner would feel bad about eating in front of my and I would just - I don't feel bad so that's your problem, not mine! lol 
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