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Stop Celiac Disease With Earlier Glutens? - Science 2.0 (blog)

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Posted 01 October 2012 - 08:11 AM

Stop Celiac Disease With Earlier Glutens?
Science 2.0 (blog)
In 1982 Swedish authorities recommended holding off on any glutens until a child was 6 months old and suddenly celiac disease went up. Anna Myléus of the University of Umeå, Sweden and colleagues studied this Swedish epidemic and concluded that the ...

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 02:04 PM

Oh, look, it's the pharma- vaccine flunky "science" blogger "Hank Campbell" (author of the infamous "Celiac: The Trendy Disease for Rich White People") at it again. :ph34r:

What a poorly written reblog of another magazine article here, http://sciencenordic.com/counter-coeliac-disease-early-glutens because he LEFT OUT much of the study conducted by researcher Myléus, for the sake of scoring a cheap insult at the end.

from the original article he based it on, not Campbell himself, but Ingrid Spilde:

Changes in diet appear to explain much of the coeliac disease epidemic in Sweden.

This is because the Swedish baby food manufacturers during the celiac "epidemic" were putting more gluten- crap into their baby porridges. Well, duh! Looks like babies with celiac genes aren't meant to eat gluten-crap filled baby cereals ! :blink:

However, it looks as if early infections can have an impact. Parents of children who developed the disease were more likely to report that their kids had several infections such as colds, ear infections and gastric flu in the first six months of their lives.

These children appear to be more susceptible if they are no longer getting mother’s milk during their first encounter with gluten, and if they were given what could be called overdoses of gluten. So infections are directly involved in the coeliac disease epidemic.


color bolding mine.

Infections are implicated. Plus, "overdoses" of gluten. Who would have thought it. Seems to dovetail with new research showing pregnant women with some sort of body inflammation (as a result of some other illness or condition) tend to have children who develop more auto immune linked diseases.

Curiously, the article on the study does not mention possible antibiotic treatment in any way, shape, or form for the infectious diseases in the children (who later developed celiac), whether or not the antibiotics were appropriate, nor does it mention other treatments for the colds and "gastric flu." Antibiotics wipe out gut flora, and changing gut flora may influence the health of the intestinal tract, and whether or not it is more or less vulnerable to other sorts of insults. One could possibly draw the conclusion that early use of antibiotics would make the child more vulnerable to developing celiac.

Was this a deliberate oversight by blogger "Hank Campbell ?"

Secondly, this study is not lifelong and merely follows the children from birth to age 12, and celiac (and gluten intolerance) can develop at any age, so it is not a conclusive study. The oldest people now in it would only be 28 years old. So this was a study on an "epidemic" of early childhood onset celiac in Northern Europeans. It can not be said, with certainty, that early feeding of gluten to infants past the age of 4 months gives lifetime protection. But it does implicate infections as a possible trigger or related culprit.

Once again, Campbell is saying eating gluten prevents celiac..... = "science" blogger fail, just as his earlier article claimed that gluten intolerance wasn't real, but was a fad diet for the gullible.
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