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Follow Up Tests

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So it has finally been a whole year. I am making an appointment because it is time to get a checkup on my liver. Because of all of the screwing around that was done, not in particular in putting off my surgery in general, but once I showed up at the ER a week before Christmas in 2011 in more pain than I had ever been in with elevated liver enzymes, I get to spend the rest of my life playing the how bad is my liver messed up game. I still get pain in my liver, but my doctor told me to give it a year. <_< It has been a year, I can link the pain to no particular food, time of day, activity or anything else. It just comes and goes. It hasn't gone away since healing from surgery either. I am just crossing my fingers at this point and hoping I am not badly enough off that I'll need to be on a transplant list eventually. (This is what they were warning me about every time I ended up in the ER... but they wouldn't just take out my freaking stupid useless gallbladder!!! GAH!) Ok, done ranting.

Since I am going to be letting someone stick a needle in me anyway, I figure I may as well bring a laundry list of tests to do. I never came up positive on the celiac blood tests, although a full panel was run twice. I don't see the point running them again, waste of money, waste of a vial of blood. I do need a follow-up ANA, blah blah blah lupus. Whatever. I figure I should be tested for vitamin/mineral deficiencies. Should I be like... test for ALL the deficiencies!!!! Or do I need to bring a list in case the PA I get stuck with is a complete and total idiot. If I need a list, I have no clue what on earth I need on it. Is there anything else I should be giving up blood for while I've got a needle in me? I feel like there is something important that I know I know, but am forgetting. Old age and all that.


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Gosh I could have written that all myself. I have liver issues too and am going to the Dr. in a few weeks to be checked again for that. I am interested in reading these responses as I have the same questions you do about it all.


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Eh, i generally get everything done at once because my viens are hard to get to (they are deep). On adveradge it takes the tecnition 3 or so times before they hit them.


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    • Hi DKH0614, I use aspirin, Pepto Bismol, and peppermint tea or Altoids peppermints.  Pepto Bismol has a soothing effect on the gut.  Pepto Bismol also has aspirin in it.  Peppermint is helpful for relaxing smooth muscle tissue and getting gas out of the stomach. As per KarenG, you may be reacting to dairy.  Dairy has a sugar called lactose in it that some people with celiac have a hard time digesting.  You could try avoiding dairy for a few weeks to see if that helps.  Or try taking lactaid type pills when you eat dairy. It doesn't take very much gluten to cause an immune system reaction.  So it is important to avoid even traces of gluten if possible.  The stuff is hard to avoid sometimes if people around you don't understand how much a small amount of it can affect your body. Let us know if we can help with any  more questions, or if you have concerns we haven't addressed. And welcome to the forum! Also, if you subscribe to the thread (notify me of replies) you'll get an email when people respond to your thread.    
    • After a year and half, if you are eating gluten-free, you shouldn't be having pain from Celiac.  Perhaps you need to find out what is really causing your issues?  Dairy/ lactose is an obvious first place to look.
    • Hi! I am 15 and have been diagnosed with celiac disease for about a year and a half now and I am woundering what do some of y'all use to relive some of the abdominal pains that come along with celiac/gluten allergies?  ( Ibuprofen,  Tylenol, etc.) 
    • Hi Laurabella, Yes, you could have celiac disease!  It is important to keep eating gluten until all testing is completed, including an endoscopy with biopsy samples if the doctor recommends it.  The doctors usually do want the endoscopy.  The biopsy samples of the small intestine lining (4 to 6 samples) are checked for microscopic damage that indicates celiac disease.  Gall bladder problems can happen with celiac disease.  Your pain could also be from intestinal damage in any part of the small intestine. Some things you could try while you are waiting for your tests to be completed are stopping all dairy, and taking peppermint tea for gas in the stomach.  Celiac disease damage makes it hard to digest dairy sugar (lactose) and that can cause bloating and pain.  Constipation and diahrea are also possible fun symptoms. Welcome to the forum!
    • Hi Beachgrl, We have had members with microscopic colitis before, usually in addition to celiac disease.  Have you been tested for celiac disease?  The reason I ask is, it is much better to be tested for celiac before starting the gluten-free diet.  The primary tests for celiac are to detect antibodies to gliaden in the bloodstream.  Those antibodies start to decline when a person stops eating gluten, so the tests become useless. There is no reason a person can't have more than one digestive system disease.  So it is smart to be tested for celiac disease if you can get the testing arranged.  Any change in symptoms after stopping gluten is an indicator that gluten is causing a reaction of some kind.  It could be celiac, or it could be non-celiac gluten intolerance, (NCGI).  There aren't any reliable tests for NCGI yet. Welcome to the forum!
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