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Reflux Is Killing Me!

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To date, chocolate, spices, tomato sauce, caffiene, salt (something new!), and fatty foods were mentioned. We should also avoid citrus fruits, mint, vinegar and alcohol.

To date, Rx's lansoprazol, carafate and omeprazole (aka: Prilosec) were mentioned.

My input to this very interesting topic follows;

I was Dx'ed with AR/GERD in Sept, 2007 having indulged in foods as listed. I started out with Aciphex and later used Famotidine off and on for 5 years.

In Dec, 2012, I had an endoscopy which resulted in mildly active chronic peptic duodenitis with villous abnormality and minimal squamous features of reflux. Negitive for H. pylori. My GI Doc Rx'ed 40 mg omeprazole, 30 minutes before breakfast. Based on my history with AR, one/day for the REST OF MY LIFE was recommended. It's safe, he said.

The pathology report also stated "early feature of fundic gland polyp noted." Taking PPI's (ie: omeprazole @ 20mg) long term(1,2-5 years) therapy develops these stomach polyps. Ref:, page 6 (of 18). I tried to link the address but didn't work.?????

I read the Patient Information Leaflet from Mylan Pharma (April, 2012) that came with my omeprazole Rx. The common side efects are headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, gas, respiratory system events ( not explained) and fever. Also mentioned ..... may have an increased risk of fractures of the hips, wrist or spine. PPI's can inhibit the absorption of calcium, Vit. B12 and iron. Low magnesium can occur with PPI's within 3 months to 1 year. PPI's can destroy good gut bacteria causing C.Diff. Need to take probiotics with treatment.

The leaflet also states Tell Your Doctor about all the medicines you take. It lists 19. Among them is "products that contain IRON."

Omeprazole treatment(Rx or OTC) should be 4-8 weeks only. To date, my symptoms are stomach pain and gas. I will tolerate them for 8-12 weeks and stop. I will make a greater effort to avoid AR/GERD foods. Now that is the SAFEST thing we can do for ourselves. I'm 68 and my mom is 90. If God grants me another 22 years on a lifetime of PPI's, I'll die of stomach cancer.

Truely a profound title," Reflux Is Killing Me." OTC users beware.


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Nexium is not meant to be a long term solution. It can do more harm then good.

Doesn't surprise me that those foods would set ya off. Those are ones that are generally connected to it.

Have you tried removing all reflux meds? I ask because when i finally went "cold turky" on them (do not suggest this) that it finally started to die down for me (over a course of a few months). Now, I still on occasion get it, but its nothing that a really starchy food and a nice big glass of water can't fix. Sometimes it goes beyond that, but its rare.

Yes i did stop for a time but the ref;ux was so bad i couldn't stand it. You can't take enough Tums in 24 hours to help. After taking 2 it would return within an hour and burn all the way into my throat.


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Yes i did stop for a time but the ref;ux was so bad i couldn't stand it. You can't take enough Tums in 24 hours to help. After taking 2 it would return within an hour and burn all the way into my throat.

Oh i know the feeling, trust me.


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    • I had a negative biopsy and was still diagnosed with Celiac. My GI ran a bunch of tests looking for the cause of my 15+ years of diarrhea and the only thing that came back positive was the entire Celiac panel. All very high. So he performed an endoscopy with biopsy. The biopsy was negative. So he ordered a genetic test. When that came back as "high risk" he decided a trial gluten free diet was in order. After 8 weeks my symptoms resolved and my antibodies were back to normal. Since then, follow up testing had shown I have osteoporosis. I am a 40 year old male.  So yes, you can definitely still have it and have significant damage with a negative biopsy. 
    • Annual celiac antibody testing is, in my opinion (and based on what celiac researchers have published), is critical, especially for a 12 year old.  Life is going to get harder for her.  Peer pressure is huge (I have a 15 year old daughter), and remaining diet compliant can be tough.   In Dr. Fasano's, Gluten Freedom, he discusses a young patient who became ill in high school after being gluten free for years.  His parents were perplexed.  Dr. Fasano took the young man aside and he confessed that while on a date, he didn't want to bring up his celiac disease.  So, he ate pizza.  He was too embarrassed to tell his parents.   My daughter does not have celiac disease.  She was first tested two years ago.  Since she is symptom free, is not anemic and her other lab work is fine, we'll wait to test her in another year.  It all depends on the patient, but every few years, testing is recommended for all undiagnosed first-degree relatives.   It certainly sounds like your younger children should be screened.   I wish you both well!      
    • Perhaps you should consider asking for a GI referral.  You might just skip the blood tests and go directly to an endoscopy/biopsies while you are still consuming gluten.  It is the "gold" standard for a celiac diagnosis anyway!   Here's the deal with going gluten free.  You can do it.  It costs nothing, but you must give it six months or longer.  You'd need to think like a celiac, but it can be done!  I'll tell you my tale.  My hubby went gluten-free 15 years ago per the very poor advice of his GP/PCP and my allergist.  After a year of mistakes and learning, he got well.  It worked!  Thirteen years later, I was formally diagnosed.  (It was a shock as I was only anemic at the time.)  Hubby would be the first to say that I have had way more support from family, friends and medical.  I must say, it's nice to see those lab results.  It really helped me adhere to the diet in the beginning too.   So, you know your medical situation.  You must do what's best for you!   I hope you feel better soon!  
    • I'm sure going to have a long talk with my doctor.  Then I'll find a new one that will support me and make sure that my daughter and I both have the proper testing done yearly.  
    • also:  glutendude - i don't get it.  shouldn't it be glutenfreedude?  lolz i eat out few and far between.  most of the times i've been glutened it's been eating out.  this weekend i'm getting my bacon cheeseburger on at red robin  i always get my 'good' waitress - lucky, i guess, paula takes good care of me   and i will eat at bonefish but they have a limited 'safe' menu.  look for places that have the 'GiG'  training they know their stuff.  mellow mushroom, melting pot, california pizza kitchen, pf changs are all supposed to be trained that way.  they know to avoid cc and change their gloves, etc.  
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