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Gluten-free Made Simple

Journal of Gluten Sensitivity Autumn 2012 Issue

Image: CC--bodegón simple 10/06/2017 - Gluten-free doesn't have to be complicated or confusing. It can be easy and delicious without thinking twice about the processed foods in the food stores. Simply eat Clean. What's Clean, you say? It's about eating real, wholesome, naturally gluten-free foods and steering clear of processed, packaged foods.

My Clean eating philosophy is about fresh and simple ingredients. That's right, how about starting with some avocado, roasted turkey, fresh raspberries and balsamic vinegar that you can easily whip up in a food processor for a tasty turkey pate to use throughout the week with crudités or corn tortillas? It takes five minutes to make and you can store it in the fridge for a quick dose of protein any time of the day whether it be a meal or snack.

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How about adding some to your morning omelet, spread it atop your afternoon sandwich with lettuce and tomato or added to your burritos for dinner? See how easy it can be? And guess what? It's naturally gluten-free and delicious. You don't have to think twice or worry about eating anything out of a box when you can visit your local farmers' market for fresh produce and your butcher for lean proteins such as turkey, chicken, bison and eggs.

If you're a vegetarian or vegan, simply use tofu and you're all set. It's as easy as 1,2,3 and you've got a week's worth of eats to enjoy when your stomach starts rumbling. So, next time you are yearning for a processed food, think again and slice up some veggies to serve with your new pate recipe. Believe me I know first-hand about eating Clean as my whole approach to Clean eating started a few years ago when my body started reacting negatively to packaged foods. What helped me heal? Food. That's right. Real, Clean food; I have real food to thank. Because gluten-free is not about the gluten-free cookies and packaged, over-processed foods. It's about eating Clean. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. That's exactly what I eat. I love it and I know you will to!

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if you have celiac and you eat gluten, you will feel terrible and do damage to your body. there isn't any 'morning after' (for lack of a better term) tried and true remedy. if i am accidently glutened (and i am insanely careful, so this does not happen often anymore) i find that drinking plenty...

My mistake... HUGE Oops... She hasn't been diagnosed with anything as of yet. I couldn't remember the name so I googled and DH came up. Well that was wrong.... it is Keratosis pilaris she has. i just really don't want her to get to 20 years old and finally become allergic to lactose lik...

i was at a meeting recently, where they serve dinner, ironically the meeting is at a communitiy room at our local hospital (where the meal is catered by the hospital cafeteria and i do not eat BECAUSE THEY CAN'T DO GLUTEN FREE. AT A HOSPITAL.) but i digress.... 'oh, my doctor told me i hav...

If she was actually diagnosed, by a skin biopsy, for DH, then she has Celiac. NO need for further testing.

i find that i can tolerate some foods that were off limits to me (soy, certain veggies, ice cream, chocolate, etc) if i do not eat them two days in a row, for whatever reason. i'm thinking histamines. whatever it is, i can eat many more/different foods. i usually eat the same sort of food/meal...