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Spaghetti Sauce

Gluten Free Pioneer


Last night I made a pot of spaghetti sauce.

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Ingredients: two pounds of ground round beef, one whole red onion, one green pepper, Mccormicks garlic salt, kroger brand oregano, kroger brand basil, salt, pepper, hunts tomatoes, tomato sauce and paste. (Tomato sauce and paste were Hunts)


I felt glutened after eating a bite of the sauce, but from what I've read I wouldn't feel the effects that soon.


I also read that some basil could be cross contaminated.


I was glutened badly 4 days ago so some of the effects could still be lingering.


Anyone think any of these ingredients contain gluten? I don't want to eat another bite until I am sure.



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Welcome to the forum, GF Pioneer! The ingredients you state for the sauce sound fine. If you post in the forum part of the website, you will get more replies, since it is more set up for conversation. Hope you feel better!

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When I get glutened I have to steer clear of of acidic foods like tomatoes for a while. I am like that with dairy too. Can't tolerate lemon juice or orange juice, no coffee either. Maybe your gut just needs some time...

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I am new to all of this too and have many other allergies besides the gluten and wheat, like tomatoes I was told that catsup has gluten in it so I am wondering about the sauces you used too??

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I tried the ragu with brown rice linguini and had no issues. I wouldn't touch spaghetti for years before I knew I was gi. I always thought it was the acidity that made me feel like id been run over by a truck for the next three days. it wasn't the sauce, at least not for me.

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I also heard that beans from a can should be avoided for at least the first six months. I learned that the hard way. I wonder if the tomatoes were canned and could have made a big difference.

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