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Ms. A

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Day 2 of gluten-free

Ms. A


A couple of weeks ago I received confirmation of what I had suspected for quite some time... I have celiac disease. Feeling that wheat doesn't digest well is different then knowing that it doesn't digest well. The formal confirmation is still sinking in...

At first I was resistant and continued to eat wheat on occasion. I then became determined to give the gluten-free way of life a try in hopes that I would feel better. I then spent several days limiting my gluten intake all day to only crave and "treat" myself to something with gluten by the evening. It wasn't working and was feeling like a roller coaster. I finally dug my heals into my own cravings and knee I had to draw the line. Here I am on day two of gluten-free nourishment!

I feel nourished and haven't had any stomach cramping and bloating. I am craving all the things I shouldn't have like pizza, bagels, a sub...as expected. However, I somehow managed to spend an entire dinner watching four children eat two of my favorite foods, fresh pizza and subs, while I enjoyed a chef salad (no croutons, of course).

I think there's hope for this lifestyle change, but will need to be patient with myself. I look forward to feeling better and learning how to best nourish my body. I also look forward to passing on the information and experience to anyone who it may benefit.

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Welcome Mrs. A!  

Since celiac disease is definitely genetic, please consider getting your children tested even if they do not display any symptoms!  Yes, some celiacs are asymptomatic!  

Read our Newbie 101 tips located under the “Coping” section of the forum.  Look at how you can remain safe in a shared household and how to avoid getting glutened by your kids!  

Keep up your postings!  I know your experience will help so many!  ?

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