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When all Else Fails: These Solved My Health Problems!



Sometimes the celiac diagnosis isn't the whole answer.  I don't want to confuse new people; it does take some months to recover, but if recovery takes more than a year, although you sense movement; I would most certainly start looking for other possible problems contributing to your symptoms. I have been there and believe I have conquered.  Here is my list of great helps:

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IGG/IgA sensitivity test:  This essentially helped me to be on the diet I use now as I stopped eating everything that I had antibodies to.  As I added foods back under the advice of my physician, I didn't feel the fatigue I expected that would indicate to me a problem.  I kept eating those foods until I realized I swelled more and more and gained 45 lbs! The diet didn’t include sweets or gluten!   It was then I realized I needed to go back to my strictest diet.

About that time I discovered the work of Izabella Wentz (thyroid pharmacist).  I took her course and discovered that viruses can trip celiac.  Finally, I realized I needed to address the Epstein-Barr virus that took up residence in me and likely tripped my celiac many decades before. I tried many treatments to build up and nourish my body, but I hadn’t ever done things to kill old viruses that are stubborn and elusive for the immune system.   I felt really sick when I tried to take supplements for that, so I looked for further help.


 I watched Izabella Wentz's "Thyroid Secret" and there I discovered that a person with similar symptoms (swelling, bloating, fatigue) that received helped from nutritionist Teri Cochrane in Reston, Virginia.  Teri became instrumental in helping me to feel better and I hope now I know what I need to know to stay there.  I highly recommend visiting with Teri if you are in difficulty or to maximize your health.


Teri Cochrane:  Teri accessed my genetics and informed me of my difficulties in breaking down protein, fats, sulfur foods (someone told me that here years back) and my own hormones!  Knowing this helped tremendously, no longer did my problems seem so mysterious.  Teri has a Wildetarian quiz online that may help you to access if you have any of these difficulties.  IF you are having trouble this quiz is free and helpful.  Teri Cochrane also wrote a book:  The Wildetarian Diet I highly recommend it if you wish to try using the diet.  She has recipes and gets very practical.  In my visit with her Teri also confirmed that Epstein-Barr virus triggered celiac and still wreaked havoc in me.  Also, she discovered another virus (C virus) I don't know how to spell it.


Wild Diet:  The diet Teri put me on came from information derived using my 23andme test.  My diet contains proteins such as bison, duck eggs, elk, wild caught fish and duck.  My vegetables include lettuce, sweet potatoes, olives, seaweed and peppers.  My fruits are mostly cherries and berries.  I also eat sunflower and pumpkin seeds, pecans and hazelnuts.  I use Wild rice.  I had tried a similar diet with the food sensitivity tests, so I am reasonably confident the diet is helpful 


Energy treatments:  I used NAET and Biofeedback to help get rid of my Epstein-Barr and also had treatments for tick-borne diseases and food allergies.  I used this concurrently with diet and supplements, so it is difficult to always say just what worked.  At this point, I don’t care as long as I have energy. I feel the energy treatments caused extreme and long detox responses followed by great improvements in my health and energy levels. 


Chiropractic:  I did regular back adjustments that seemed to be more and more helpful with other improvements.  Recently, we discovered my vagus nerve had been attacked by the virus and my chiropractor had an effective treatment to help it.  This further improved my digestion and general health.  Not to mention that my chiropractor first mentioned my gluten problem and kept me alive with her supplements when I was at my worse.


After living most of 35+ years in foggy fatigue, my energy is back up and I feel like a whole person.  My diet is satisfying and nourishing.  My weight is down to a normal level.  After all this work, I need to say that with the Creator, Jesus's miracle in my health.  I would not be here today.  Teri Cochrane said that my body was designed to heal; I believe it!



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I noticed your blog post.

I created my posterboy blog to explain some of the things that helped me too!

Here is post that summarizes some of the things that helped me.

Maybe it will help you too!


I am glad to to hear you are doing much better.

Try taking some Magnesium Glycinate to with meals to see if your energy levels don't continue to improve.

I use to take it with meals and at bed time but only need it twice a day now to help energy and fatigue etc.

It (Magnesium) really turned a corner for me on my fatigue, muscle cramps and sleep problems.

Good luck and God speed on your continued journey.

2 Timothy 2:7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included.

Thanks bee to God who helped me to see these things.

2 Corinthians (KJV) 1:3,4 3) “Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;

4) who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.”

Posterboy by the Grace of God,

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Thanks so much, Posterboy.  Magnesium Bi-Glycinate, I take it at bedtime.  Yes, it is very good.  I also bath in Magnesium salts when I can.  Magnesium (when I first began to take it) eased some shakes I thought were normal!  I had them as long as I could remember and three days after beginning the magnesium; they were gone!

"I will restore unto you the years which the locusts have eaten."  This verse gave me courage years ago.

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