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Daiya gluten free pizza



I recently ate this product a frozen pizza labeled gluten free.  Shortly after I became violently ill. I know that this was the cause since I hadn't eaten anything else. Has anyone else had a reaction to this product? I don't believe they should be selling this product as gluten free to unsuspecting people. 



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This happens to my daughter as well and we believe that it's the dairy free cheese on the pizza that is causing it. Not the pizza itself. The cheese is super oily and has pea protein in it which some people are sensitive to.  


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There is also xantham gum in it made from black mold fermented on corn, and a bunch of other things. 2-3 years ago I used to be fine with daiya before they added that stuff....now days it makes me violently ill.
As mentioned pea protein is a legume and can cause gas and bloating to those sensitive to it, I live on the stuff and coupled with a low carb diet does not give issues. Although shortly after diagnosis back when I was a carb eater I very bad gut pain and gas when I ate pea protein. This went away with diet change and healing.

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I've personally had this a couple times and have not been effected - however I am not effected by xantham gum either, I eat it in many baked goods. I'm going to second that I think your reaction to the pizza was likely an ingredient in the pizza you are sensitive to, and not a cause of gluten/accidental contamination. :)

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