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Chicken Pizza Crust



So wanting a thicker sturdier crust and on a pizza craze I found, disliked and modified a recipe for making a low carb crust out of shredded chicken. One thing I like about these crust is they are sturdy enough to make in batches and freeze/fridge between layers of parchment paper for later unlike others I have tried. Then just top and heat up later.

Makes 2x 8" Personal Crust
6oz  Cooked Chicken chopped and shredded(note if using canned weigh it after draining IE a 10oz can will have 5oz of actual chicken)
2 Tbsp Mayo
2 eggs beaten
1 tsp Italian seasoning
10 Drops oooflavors Pizza Drops (optional)
1 cup (56g/2oz) Ground Pork Rinds or Pork Panko, finely crushed
3 oz mozzarella cheese (I used Miyoko Vegan Mozz)

Toppings if fixing now

1. Preheat the oven to 400F with a baking sheet  or pizza pan INSIDE
2. Line out some parchment paper on your counter to fix the crust on
3. Mix your chicken, mayo, Eggs, and Seasoning and drops combining well
4. Put your cheese in a measuring cup and microwave 30 sec to melt and stir well, add this to the mixture along with the pork panko and combine well Transfer to fridge for 20-30 mins set up
5. Pull out and divide in two, Flatten out by hand forming into 2 8" Circular crust, I find about a 1/4" thick is perfect. Lift carefully and place parchment paper on hot baking sheets in oven and bake 14-18mins til lightly browned. You can either let cool before storing in the freezer between layers or you can go ahead and add your toppings and broil/bake at 400F for another 5 mins to melt the toppings.



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