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So pain started last night in my lower right abdomen with vomiting and fever. Took tramadol to sleep then woke up taking it again in the morning and vomitted when I tried eating. 99F fever Drove mysel to the ER got blood work wih raised white blold cell count, cat scan showed it was my appendix. Ambulance ride to Baylor and going for surgery in 3 hours....funny but the pain felt like my UC flaring but was in a odd location and not moving, and hurts to walk or move.

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They got it out, hell almost more painful now, apparently my intestines where wrapped around the appendix and not where they were supposed to be so they fixed it when they were removing it,,,,,BTW this hospital can not offer anything for gluten free options so I am stuck without food, trying to see if I an have my father bring me something from home.

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Doing much better, just sleeping downstairs on the couch and popping pain pills with overlapping doses every 4 hours.
The bigger problem now is that my city and the ones near by all closed down every restaurant, bar, lounge etc, and canceled the festivals and farmers markets. So I am stuck invested into this years market and completely screwed on income for the year. >.< And I have vehicle repairs  as I cant exactly work on and pull the head to fix the truck myself like I was planning and soon to be medical bills on top of that.

Now a afterthought for everyone....this appendicitis pain to me felt like my Ulcerative Colitis flaring but not moving.....so imagine me spending months in that kind of pain last year lol.

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