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What Is With This....

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I'm going to start out by saying i have no issues with dairy (butter, cheese, milk or otherwise). I can drink 3 big glasses from a gallon and be fine a day. Well, somewhat fine, to much butter and cheese can cause my GERD to act up, but not to bad.


I decided to pick up some milk at my school's local eatery (they come in little plastic containers, holding about two cups worth, sealed just like a gallon jug would be). I can use it in cooking and be fine. I can use it in cereal and be fine. However, when i drink it straight from the container, half the time i get "D" from it. How the heck...


Ugh, I don't even know why this happens. CC possibility? Certainly. It going bad? I would have tasted it. Expiration date? 10 days from now, so still fresh. Heck, when i go to pick it up, I take my insulated lunch box with me so it stays cold (except when its below freezing out).


The company that makes it is the same one I buy milk from.


Just wanted to rant. Any ideas?


I also ate an apple and some rice before i had it, so its not like it was on an empty stomach or anything.

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Any bacteria that would cause stomach upset would never do it right away.

Not that I've heard of anyway. Mild cases of food poisoning can be just diarrhea,

but anything that makes you vomit needs usually 18-24 hours to incubate.



Keep in mind that you can develop a lactose intolerance at any time, and for

some with lactose intolerance, volume is key. My uncle can have butter, cheese,

pizza, cream in his coffee, but if he has too much ice cream or milk it's all over.

I would call that VERY mild lactose intolerance.

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