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Is It Worth Bringing Up To My Doctor?

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I would like some advice regarding Celiac.

A couple years ago I went to a hemotologist because of an iron deficiency. The doctor said I had a mild form of Celiac and put me on a specific dose of iron and B12 supplements. I had no real issues besides fatigue and even that I attributed to being busy with work and school.

I seemed to feel a little less tired so I stopped going to the hemotologist, kept taking supplements and for the most part forgot about it.

I am feeling very fatigued again and my stomach bloats so much every day I look like I'm 4 - 5 months pregnant. It doesn't stay that way and while I have gained some weigh elsewhere the majority is just my stomach bloating.

Does this sound like Celiac? Is it worth going back to the doctor for more tests? Any advocates would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hello lapaz,


Yes those symptoms are consistent with Celiac.

And I think it's best to be tested to be sure that is your problem.


I'm doing a gluten challenge and I too have waves of fatigue and none when I was gluten free.


Here is the Celiac panel the lab I go to uses:


Total Iga


You have been eating wheat bread regularly right?


Good luck with the tests.

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You were already diagnosed with celiac disease?  If so, you need to be gluten-free. 100%. There is no mild celiac, only mild symptoms. It would be like being a mild type 1 diabetic - it can still harm you or kill you if untreated.


Best wishes. i hope you feel well soon.

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