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Was Accidently Glutened Yesterday. What Do I Need To Do?

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I haven't been diagnosed with gluten tolerance but I'm 99.99% sure I have it. I have been through life up till 19 always fatigued, add symptoms, joint pain, anxiety, stress headaches. 


The doctor just said all of this is stress related, but I said there is no way.


I started a gluten free diet on my own and a week later all of my symptoms diminished, I was amazed, I have felt energy that I have never had before, I can actually concentrate on things and not have anxiety for no reason.


1 month later I decided to try wheat bread just to make sure I'm right, and what do you know that night my stomach was making all these weird noises and the next day I was completely tired, this happened for another day or so.


Went off gluten again and everything was great again.


This time I was at a party for the 4th and decided to try to eat things I know don't have gluten in them, I said if the third time I have these symptoms that's it for eating out, I am not going to eat anything unless it is something I have fixed, it just isn't worth the risk anymore.


So yesterday I must have ate something that was cross contaminated, after eating my heart was racing, just felt irritated, lips began to get sticky, eyes dry and such.


Now today I'm in a brain fog and have digestion issues.



My question is today I'm going to a pretty big even with my family and I don't want to be tired or in this brain fog.


I have started drinking a lot of water, doing push ups and core exercises.


Should I take one of my ritalin pills that I was prescribed for ADD? It does wake me up and gets me out of the brain fog while under the effects of the drug.

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I don't know of any quick cure for getting '"glutened".  Drink lots of water like you're doing.  For food intolerance issues my doc used to recommend Alka Setzer Gold which is just plain sodium bicarbonate and convenient for carrying around (or use baking soda) with plenty of water.  Haven't tried it for gluten though. 

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